Malaysia and Thailand Bar Costa Fortuna

   March 8, 2020 ,   Accidents

Malaysia and Thailand didn't allow a Costa Cruises ship (carrying ~2000 people) from docking because of Coronavirus concerns, a company official announced on Sunday, March 8. Costa Fortuna was initially banned from Phuket Thailand on March 6, despite there being no suspected COVID-19 cases aboard, according to Costa Group.

Costa Cruises said on Twitter that Thai authorities had imposed restrictions "on Italians that have transited in Italy in the last 14 days". According to Malaysian officials, the ship is carrying 64 Italians.

Costa Fortuna cruise ship

On Saturday, Costa Fortuna tried to dock at Penang Island Malaysia but was refused entry. The decision was taken as the country had decided to restrict the entry of all cruise ships to its ports. After being denied entry by Malaysia, Costa Fortuna headed to Singapore.

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