Costa Luminosa Cruise Ship Docks in Marseille with Coronavirus Passengers

   March 19, 2020 ,   Accidents

Costa Cruises-operated ship Costa Luminosa arrived in Port Marseilles France where it will be allowed to disembark in spite of France's lockdown. On Thursday, March 19, French health authorities boarded the Italian-flagged liner to perform health checks according to the protocol on all the crew and passengers. The cruise company said Luminosa had 5 passengers and 2 crew with "flu-like" symptoms. Two of the passengers have later tested positive for Coronavirus.

After debarking cruisers in Marseille-Fos Port, the vessel is scheduled to continue toward Italy, where Costa Cruises is working with local authorities in order to complete disembarkation for remaining passengers. 

Which cruise tourists will disembark in France and which in Italy is still being determined. Italy's government-enforced lockdown puts into doubt Luminosa's ability to dock in the Costa traditional homeports Naples or Savona as planned.

Earlier in the week, Luminosa was denied disembarkation of its 1400+ passengers in Spain after the country was placed in lockdown over the weekend. According to Costa, 3x Luminosa passengers who had been removed from the liner in Puerto Rico had tested positive for Coronavirus (COVID-19), including a 68-year-old man who had died last weekend.

On Monday, one passenger who had a fever and two who had problems breathing were transported from the cruise ship to the hospital when Luminosa stopped for provisions in the Canary Islands.

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