Carnival Corporation, Shell and Marseille Fos Port carried out France's first “ship-to-ship” LNG bunkering

   May 17, 2020 ,   Cruise Industry

One of the world's first LNG-powered cruise ships, Costa Smeralda (operated by Costa Cruises, shipowner Carnival Corporation) berthed in Marseille Fos Port for LNG bunkering (refuelling).

DescriptionRoyal Dutch Shell PLC, which in the Port is under contract with Carnival Corporation) is supplying the LNG (liquefied natural gas) via one of their tanker ships. This ship was used for the first LNG bunkering operation in France, completed overnight on May 3-4, 2020.

In a manoeuvre carried out with precision Coral Methane positioned itself in line with the bunker station of Costa Smeralda. Once the vessel was made fast, the transfer of the loading hose by the vessel’s crane could begin, followed by an installation of equipment to allow LNG to be transferred in safety. 

Costa Smeralda cruise ship

The operation was carried out in coordination between the ship services of Port Marseille Fos, SHELL teams, cruise ship's crew and the tanker ship (Coral Methane) crew. The LNG carrier is operated by the shipowner Anthony Veder (Holland). Marseille City's fire-fighters closely monitored the operation in liaison with the teams of Harbour Master’s Office.

Marseille Fos Port is preparing to become the Mediterranean hub for LNG bunkering. Refuelling with LNG is one of the flagship solutions for limiting the impact of emissions from ships. In comparison to current marine fuels, it eliminates almost all sulphur and particulate emissions, reduces nitrogen oxide emissions by more than 80% and carbon dioxide emissions by up to 25%.