2 AIDA Cruises ships waiting in Tallinn harbour for a return sail date

   August 22, 2020 ,   Cruise Industry

For nearly a month (since July's last week), two German cruise liners have been waiting in Port Tallinn Estonia for a return departure date. The stay will continue, as nobody has made a decision for both AIDA Cruises ships to move on.

According to Sirle Arro, marketing and communications director at Port Tallinn, AIDAaura and AIDAcara were anchored off Port Tallinn (in a harbor site popular as Tallinn Roadstead) unable to sail due to the pandemic, and it worked out cheaper to be berthed at the facility than docked at the port.

Arro added both vessels were initially moored close to Visby (Gotland Island Sweden), but then headed for the Roadstead.

The AIDA liners occasionally move into the bay in order to replace their crew members and replenish supplies, like fuel and water. The existing crews on the vessels are at reduced capacity and replacing them is done by boat.

Arro could not specify when the cruise ships will leave but added they would come to shore on August 21 (Friday) to dispose of any waste they had generated and to replenish supplies."