Protesters target TUI's Marella Explorer cruise ship in Torbay UK

   April 19, 2021 ,   Accidents

Protesters held a demonstration alongside liners anchored in Torbay UK (England) amid claims they are damaging the environment.

South Devon and Torbay Ocean Rebellion activists paddled out in kayaks to the TUI-owned Marella Explorer ship on Saturday, April 17, which is currently at anchor in Tor Bay, to take action in a fight against climate change.

Torbay Harbour Master was in attendance together with police officers from Falmouth who are preparing for protests at the G7 meeting in Saint Ives in June.

Marella Explorer cruise ship

It is not the first action as just a month ago, the members were pictured sailing out to the cruise ships and holding Ocean Rebellion banners that read "Fail the World or Save our Seas".

The kayak action was followed by protests on Torre Abbey beach with other Ocean Rebels in costumes with flags and banners.

The protesters back the Climate & Ecological Emergency Bill.