UK's government to scrap rules that ban weddings on British cruise ships

   January 23, 2022 ,   Cruise Industry

Couples will soon be able to combine cruises on British ships with tying the knot under the new ‘Brexit dividend’ plans.

The British Government is looking to scrap rules allowing marriages on foreign-flagged vessels but ban them on British-flagged ships.

The proposals will be a great post-COVID-crisis fillip for the UK cruising sector, as well as for British cruise ports.

The rule change is only possible now that the United Kingdom has left the European Union. 

Currently, weddings are banned onboard UK-flagged ships. However, the Government is set to consider reviewing the restriction – partly to help the cruise industry hard hit by restrictions, which shrank by 75% in 2020 alone.

Any new proposals will follow the existing Law Commission review of the Marriage & Partnership Act expected to be published in July 2022.