445 kg of cocaine seized, slaughtered sailor found on containership MSC Adelaide

   February 8, 2022 ,   Accidents

400+ kilograms of cocaine were seized in Port Genova (Italy), hidden in a TEU-container loaded with coffee from Brazil.

In addition to drugs, a 50-year-old slaughtered sailor, a citizen of Serbia, was found onboard the MSC Adelaide (2013-built container ship/IMO 9618290) operated by the world's largest container shipping company MSC Group.

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According to Italian media, a total of 445 kilograms of cocaine were seized onboard.

Local media reported that MSC Adelaide had sailed into Port Genoa on Sunday, January 6. A detailed inspection determined the drugs were in a container where there was coffee, there were ~450 kg of drugs coated in bags.

Investigators arrested two men, Kulm Kamal and Fabio Pape, who they found on the ship. One of them was caught taking bags from a container placed in the space for video surveillance.

The value of the seized drugs on the market would be ~EUR 30 million (~USD 34,3M / ~GBP 25,3M).

Italian media wrote that the body of a slaughtered Serbian sailor, his throat cut, had been found after the investigators took control of the ship.

The death of the Serb is being investigated. The possibility that he committed suicide was not excluded. However, it was doubtful because the weapon had not been found next to the body.

"A weapon, a knife or perhaps a cutter with which he cut the sailor's throat was not found, and his colleagues from the ship told the police that he most likely killed himself. Their allegations are being thoroughly checked,"

the media wrote, adding that the investigation, coordinated by Deputy Prosecutor Federico Manoti, was ongoing and a search for accomplices was underway.

The ship will remain moored in port for several days.