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20:00 19 Oct 2017

44.83334 N, 20.45304 E

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Belgrade is the capital and biggest city of Serbia. It is situated at the confluence of Sava and Danube rivers, where Pannonian Plain meets the Balkans. The name "Belgrade" translates to "White city". The city proper features a population of 1.23 mill, while more than 1.65 mill people live within administrative limits.Belgrade (Serbia) river cruise port

One of the most important prehistoric European cultures, Vinča culture, evolved within Belgrade area in the 6th millennium BC. Thraco-Dacians inhabited the region in antiquity, and after 279 BC Celts conquered the town, naming it Singidūn. During the reign of Augustus, Belgrade was conquered by the Romans, and awarded city rights in mid-2nd century. In the 520s, it was settled by the Slavs and changed hands several times between Kingdom of Hungary, Byzantine Empire, Frankish Empire and Bulgarian Empire, before it became capital of Serbian king Stephen Dragutin (1282–1316). In 1521, the city was conquered by Ottoman Empire and became seat of Sanjak of Smederevo. It passed frequently from Ottoman to Habsburg rule, which saw destruction of most of Belgrade during Austro-Ottoman wars. The city was again named capital of Serbia in 1841. Until 1918, Northern Belgrade remained southernmost Habsburg post, when the city was reunited. Belgrade was battled over in 115 wars as a strategic location, and 44 times razed to the ground. It was the capital of Yugoslavia from its creation in 1918, to final dissolution in 2006.

Within Serbia, Belgrade has a special administrative status and it is one of 5 statistical regions of Serbia. Its metropolitan territory is separated into 17 municipalities, each with its own local council, and covers 3.6% of Serbia's territory. 22.5% of country's population lives in the city.

Belgrade is classified as a Beta- global city and has been awarded many titles. It hosts many annual international cultural events, including the Theatre Festival, Film Festival, Summer Festival, Music Festival, Eurovision Song Contest 2008, Book Fair, and the Beer Fest.

Highlights: Fortress, Museums, Cathedral of St. Michael

Belgrade cruise terminal

River cruise ships dock in Port of Belgrade (Luka Beograd), which is the city's cargo port located on Danube river and in the city center (near Pancevo Bridge. The port's passenger terminal is located on Sava River.Belgrade Sava river cruise port

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Day Ships in port
2 October, 2017
River Duchess(arriving at 02 Oct - departing at 02 Oct)
Viking Aegir(arriving at 02 Oct - departing at 02 Oct)
3 October, 2017
River Duchess(arriving at 03 Oct - departing at 03 Oct)
7 October, 2017
Viking Embla(arriving at 07 Oct - departing at 07 Oct)
8 October, 2017
SS Beatrice(arriving at 08 Oct - departing at 08 Oct)
13 October, 2017
MS Amadeus Royal(arriving at 13 Oct - departing at 13 Oct)
Scenic Jewel(arriving at 13 Oct - departing at 13 Oct)
14 October, 2017
SS Beatrice(arriving at 14 Oct - departing at 14 Oct)
15 October, 2017
MS Amadeus Symphony(arriving at 15 Oct - departing at 15 Oct)
16 October, 2017
Avalon Passion(arriving at 16 Oct - departing at 16 Oct)
Emerald Star(arriving at 16 Oct - departing at 16 Oct)
SS Beatrice(arriving at 16 Oct - departing at 16 Oct)
Viking Embla(arriving at 16 Oct - departing at 16 Oct)
19 October, 2017
Crystal Mozart(arriving at 19 Oct - departing at 19 Oct)
20 October, 2017
AmaCerto(arriving at 20 Oct - departing at 20 Oct)
ms Vivaldi(arriving at 20 Oct - departing at 20 Oct)
21 October, 2017
Viking Lif(arriving at 21 Oct - departing at 21 Oct)
22 October, 2017
MS Amadeus Royal(arriving at 22 Oct - departing at 22 Oct)
26 October, 2017
Avalon Passion(arriving at 26 Oct - departing at 26 Oct)
28 October, 2017
AmaCerto(arriving at 28 Oct - departing at 28 Oct)
29 October, 2017
Viking Lif(arriving at 23:00 - departing at 23:00)
2017 October