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South America - Galapagos

-1.36192 S, -89.73021 W

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Espanola Island (Isla Espanola) is part of the Galapagos Islands. It was named by the English "Hood Island" after Viscount Samuel Hood. Espanola Island is located in the archipelago's extreme southeast and is considered one of the oldest, together with Santa Fe, at approximately 4 million years. A famous tourist stop, Isla Espanola is the most southerly in the Galapagos Archipelago. Its climate is very dry, just like most of the Archipelago. Due to its flatness, the island is the driest of the islands, with a few inches of rain annually.

Espanola Island is 10- to 12-hour boat trip from Isla Santa Cruz. Travelers come to see the albatrosses (March through January; almost the entire world's population breeds on the isle) and the mating dances of Espanola's blue-footed boobies. However, Espanola Island is dying, becoming a rocky, barren land. Two spots are popular with visitors: Punta Suarez, featuring varied bird-life, and Bahia Gardner, with a lovely beach. 

Popular Espanola Island shore excursion destinations are:

  • Gardner Bay
  • Punta Suarez

Highlights: Punta Suarez, Waved albatross, Marine iguanas, snorkelling

Espanola Island cruise terminal

Cruise ships to Espanola Island (aka Isla Espanola) dock (anchor) at Puerto Baquerizo Moreno - the capital of Galapagos Province, located on the southwestern coast of San Cristobal, archipelago's easternmost island.

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  1. January, 2017
Day Ships in port
1 January, 2017
MS Grace(arriving at 01 Jan - departing at 01 Jan)
4 January, 2017
Monserrat(arriving at 04 Jan - departing at 04 Jan)
5 January, 2017
Silver Galapagos(arriving at 05 Jan - departing at 05 Jan)
6 January, 2017
National Geographic Endeavour(arriving at 06 Jan - departing at 06 Jan)
7 January, 2017
National Geographic Islander (arriving at 07 Jan - departing at 07 Jan)
9 January, 2017
Celebrity Xpedition(arriving at 15:00 - departing at 19:00)
12 January, 2017
Estrella del Mar(arriving at 12 Jan - departing at 12 Jan)
15 January, 2017
Queen of Galapagos(arriving at 15 Jan - departing at 15 Jan)
17 January, 2017
Yolita II(arriving at 17 Jan - departing at 17 Jan)
18 January, 2017
Monserrat(arriving at 18 Jan - departing at 18 Jan)
19 January, 2017
Silver Galapagos(arriving at 19 Jan - departing at 19 Jan)
23 January, 2017
Celebrity Xpedition(arriving at 15:00 - departing at 19:00)
26 January, 2017
Estrella del Mar(arriving at 26 Jan - departing at 26 Jan)
29 January, 2017
MV Isabela II(arriving at 29 Jan - departing at 29 Jan)
31 January, 2017
Yolita II(arriving at 31 Jan - departing at 31 Jan)