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-0.27470 S, -90.60360 W

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Santiago Island is one of the Galapagos Islands. It is also famous as San Salvador, named after the first isle discovered by Columbus in the Caribbean, or as James Island. Santiago Island consists of 2 overlapping volcanoes, and has an area of 585 km2 (226 ml2) and a max altitude of 907 m (2,976 ft), atop its northwestern shield volcano. At Sullivan Bay, a recent pahoehoe lava flow (1897) can be observed.

One of the best sites is Puerto Egas, west side of Santiago and south of James Bay. There is a long, lava shoreline where the eroded rock formations house a variety of wildlife. The tide pools contain Sally Lightfoot crabs, attracting other types of hunters. Marine iguanas bask in the sun. Following the trail Fur seal lions are also found. Puerto Egas is not only a lovely spot for taking pictures but also good for snorkeling and seeing a wealth of species of tropical fish.

Sullivan Bay is particularly fascinating for those interested in volcanology and geology. Walk over the uneroded, black lava flow with lava bubbles and tree-trunk molds in its surface. There are acouple of small beaches where turtles come to nest. Cousin's Rock is a famous dive site situated off the east coast of Santiago. It's a triangular rock rising about 33 ft (10 m) out of the water and is made up of layers of volcanic rock. Chinaman's Hat (Sombrero Chino) is a small islet off Santiago's southeastern tip. A 52m-high volcanic cone, it's named for its resemblance to conical Asian hat.

Close to Santiago (to the southeast) is located the Chinese Hat Island - an excellent snorkelling destination.

Highlights: Puerto Egas, Black sand beaches, Iguanas, sea lions

Santiago Island cruise terminal

The following map of Galapagos Islands cruise itineraries shows the two main routes and all island stops (ports / landing sites) in the archipelago.Galapagos Islands cruise itinerary map

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City Tours and Shore Excursions

Popular Santiago Island shore excursion destinations are:


  • guided walks
  • panga boat rides
  • snorkeling
  • Playa Espumilla
  • Sullivan Bay

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Day Ships in port
1 May, 2017
Silver Galapagos(arriving at 01 May - departing at 01 May)
2 May, 2017
National Geographic Endeavour II(arriving at 02 May - departing at 02 May)
3 May, 2017
National Geographic Islander (arriving at 03 May - departing at 03 May)
4 May, 2017
Celebrity Xploration(arriving at 04 May - departing at 04 May)
8 May, 2017
Celebrity Xperience(arriving at 08 May - departing at 08 May)
9 May, 2017
Celebrity Xpedition(arriving at 09 May - departing at 09 May)
10 May, 2017
National Geographic Islander (arriving at 10 May - departing at 10 May)
11 May, 2017
Celebrity Xpedition(arriving at 11 May - departing at 11 May)
15 May, 2017
Silver Galapagos(arriving at 15 May - departing at 15 May)
17 May, 2017
National Geographic Islander (arriving at 17 May - departing at 17 May)
18 May, 2017
National Geographic Islander (arriving at 18 May - departing at 18 May)
22 May, 2017
Celebrity Xperience(arriving at 22 May - departing at 22 May)
23 May, 2017
Celebrity Xpedition(arriving at 23 May - departing at 23 May)
24 May, 2017
National Geographic Islander (arriving at 24 May - departing at 24 May)
25 May, 2017
Celebrity Xpedition(arriving at 25 May - departing at 25 May)
29 May, 2017
Silver Galapagos(arriving at 29 May - departing at 29 May)
31 May, 2017
National Geographic Islander (arriving at 31 May - departing at 31 May)