Carnival Cruise Wedding

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Carnival cruise Wedding packages and Honeymoon (cost and inclusions) and all about the Carnival cruise Wedding-Honeymoon registry, Vow Renewal packages, tips and advice. Considering the cruise ship Wedding cost, you should know prices are additional to cruise fares. The Carnival cruise Wedding cost depends mostly on the package choice (as inclusions) and the port of call.

Carnival Cruise Lines Wedding vacations and excursions feature affordable prices, exotic and most romantic destinations, and great itineraries as both ports of call and shore excursions options. The Carnival Cruise Line also has the biggest number of departure ports. All Carnival Fun Ships feature really big staterooms, unique onboard facilities, some of the industry's best cabin amenities, and highly trained specialists most qualified for your so very special occasion. All you have to do is to say the "I do" - and give the money to the "biggest cruise fleet" line.

Carnival Cruise Weddings

To get married on a Carnival cruise is one of the BEST FUN adult ideas ever! Carnival Wedding port destinations include amazing itineraries with a huge variety of departure dates. While most couples prefer to say "I Do" on the ship, a sunset on an idyllic beach or in some of the Caribbean's lavish gardens are "special romance" choices is not to be missed - at all!

Carnival cruise weddingFirst tip for your Carnival cruise wedding - leave all the planning fuss to the ship's wedding/honeymoon specialist. You'll have to choose only your favorite of all the countless ideas for your most special ever day at sea. Or you may set out all your preferences or concerns - there will be plenty of professional answers to all your questions, and numerous options for the type of ceremony itself - from simple to extravagant, traditional to exotic and adventurous, with the most unique requests.

Carnival cruise ship weddings as deals may provide lavish style and sophistication, as well as quiet and intimate choices - it's all about the money. The only rules to comply with are, one, that the ship must be docked at a US port or at permissible ports in the Caribbean (Puerto Rico, Barbados, Jamaica, Cozumel, Nassau, St Thomas), and two, cruise weddings must take place only in designated for this purpose areas. All Carnival Spirit-Class ships have their own onboard wedding chapel (also used for religious services, see their names in the list below). On other ships ceremonies usually take place in a lounge. Vows may also be exchanged on deck, but only if the ship is docked. As a rule, the captain is not allowed to perform a wedding ceremony, unless the ship is docked in Bermuda.

Carnival Cruise Wedding Policy & Rules

According to the Carnival Lines Wedding policy, you are allowed to invite family members and friends who are not passengers. They could join you on the ship while it's docked. Who and how can attend the ceremony? The type of Wedding Package purchased through Carnival determines the number of guests allowed to attend at the ceremony/reception. Sailing guests (paying passengers) will be allowed to participate as well. Due to security reasons, there are some restrictions imposed on non-sailing guests - those are permitted to board the ship, but you'll have to compile a list of your special guests - their legal names, birthdays, state-issued IDs. Also, your guests will have to show proper identification upon boarding your ship. In some foreign ports you may not be allowed to bring on board non-sailing guests at all. You should contact the relevant government officials or the ship's wedding coordinator for marriage license requirements/fees.

Not allowed on Carnival weddings, restrictions

  • Not allowed are: bubbles, rice, bird seed, flower petals, confetti, balloons and candles, personal servers, knives, flowers, food, also outside photographers, entertainment, equipment.
  • Couples with their own minister - limited to a 20 min ceremony.
  • Couples with their own music - limited to 3 songs.
  • Guests number limit is max 50 non-cruising guests per wedding.

Carnival cruise marriage license

You are responsible for obtaining a marriage license (which is for a fee) from your cruise wedding destination. You also have to know some stuff regarding the wedding regulations of that country. Some destinations require that you apply for the wedding license in person, other allow submitting an application via mail. The cost of marriage licenses varies by state - from $25 in Alaska to $150 (Florida). Often, your Carnival wedding coordinator can assist you in obtaining your license (for a fee, of course) or at least can provide you with all the information needed to apply for one.

Carnival Cruise Wedding-Honeymoon Registry

  • Carnival cruise wedding registryStep 1 - register your Wedding/Honeymoon plans! Signup for free at this link, select the destination, register for activities, tours & excursions, cabin upgrades, etc.
  • Step 2 - reveal your plan to friends and family! Use the CCL's social media tools (Facebook), send announcement cards or use the CCL's email utility to inform friends/family where's your registry.
  • Step 3 - receive the gifts! Your friends & family members will visit your registry to purchase from all gifts you've selected there. They will be able to fill in a "gift card" to let you know what gift they've purchased for you.
  • Step 4 - enjoy your Carnival cruise Wedding/Honeymoon!
  • for popular guest's FAQ - visit this link at

Carnival Cruise Wedding Packages

The list of Carnival Wedding cruise ships with chapels (offering Shipboard Weddings) includes Breeze, Conquest, Legend, Miracle, Pride and Spirit. The ships chapels are used for both secular and religious purposes. All Carnival Cruise Lines ships host both on-board weddings and on-shore (in port) ceremonies.

Carnival Wedding packages inclusions

  • the ceremony (performed by a local officiant)Carnival cruise wedding packages
  • 8-flower Bridal Bouquet and matching Boutonnieres (roses or tropical)
  • champagne flutes
  • 3-Tiered wedding cake with cake topper, the cake cutting service, with new flavors (chocolate ganache, red velvet, coconut cream)
  • wedding music (recorded)
  • priority check-in (for the couple and their guests)
  • a dedicated wedding agent and a personal coordinator.
  • "Destination Wedding" packages include also transportation and tropical flowers.
  • optional (at additional cost) are Wedding photo packages, video services, live music, tuxedo rentals.
  • The Carnival ships without a chapel offer some of the lounges for such ceremonies. After the ceremony, the options range from an open bar with appetizers to a luncheon in the ship's specialty restaurant.
  • Carnival cruise Weddings are never performed at sea, but either upon embarkation or while in a port of call.
  • Onboard Wedding ceremonies are available only on embarkation day and while in US cruise ports (prior to the ship setting sail).
  • maximum number of guests allowed - 50 (including the bride & the groom). Based on their number, 3- or 4-Tier Wedding Cake will be provided.
  • not allowed are fireworks, balloons, confetti, candles, rice, rose petals.
  • check availability prior to booking.
  • Carnival Cruise Lines Weddings Department phone number 1-800-933-4968, Fax 1 (800) 638-1646.
  • Carnival cruise Weddings are around 2,500 each year.

NEW Carnival cruise wedding packages

Wedding Packages/prices start from.. Max Capacity (bride, groom, guests), Additional Guests Surcharge (tax excluded) Inclusions, Services Specials
"Just You & Me" package (cost from $1355) - intimate 8
  • Personal wedding planner, wedding coordinator, wedding officiant
  • Priority check-in/boarding, with a dedicated area at check-in (only for weddings at the Carnival ship's home port
  • Private wedding location on the ship, special setting
  • Recorded music
  • Bridal bouquet (8 roses, Groom’s Boutonniere
  • Tiered wedding cake (with keepsake topper)
  • Cake cutting service, champagne toast, champagne flutes
  • Photo service (ceremony, reception)
  • 1 sparkling wine with chocolate-dipped strawberries for the cabin
  • champagne toast
  • wedding cake cutting
"Time to Celebrate" package (cost from $1795) - family and friends 20 (+ $22 per add. guests)

All from the 8-guests package, plus:

  • 1 hour cocktail repection
  • Ice sculpture (custom-designed carving!)
  • Coffee service
  • 1-hour cocktail reception
"Time to Celebrate - BIG" package (cost from $1975) - family and friends 20 (+ $30 per add. guest)

The cocktail reception from the previous package replaced with:

  • 1 hour 30 min open bar (hot-cold hors d’ouevres)
  • 1 hour 30 min open bar
"Let Us Serve You" package (cost from $1595) - ceremony plus formal dining 20 (+ $34,50 adult and $17,25 kid extra charge)

The open bar replaced with elegant Main Dining Room elegant dining:

  • 4-course menu, with house wine or Champagne included
  • Main Dining Room formal dinner
"island Breeze" package (cost from $1395) - shore weddings -
  • Island location, wedding setting
  • island wedding coordinator
  • wedding officiant
  • recorded music
  • Bridal tropical flowers bouquet, Groom’s Boutonniere
  • wedding cake (with topper)
  • Cake cutting service and champagne toast/flutes
  • Photo service (ceremony)
  • 1 sparkling wine, chocolate-dipped strawberries for the cabin
  • transportation (roundtrip transfer (cruise ship-wedding location-ship)
  • Note: no wedding cake on Half Moon Cay
  • round-trip transfer.

Carnival cruise Wedding packages prices in ports

Carnival cruise wedding pricesThe short answer to what is the Carnival cruise ship Wedding cost - between $1,360 and your "idea of reasonable" (although it's usually up to $6,000). All prices listed below are not inclusive of sales taxes.

Carnival cruise ship wedding ports sales tax additional service fees marriage license fee "Just You and Me" package prices "Time to Celebrate" package prices "Time to Celebrate BIG" package prices "Let Us Serve You" package prices (destination weddings) "Island Breeze" package prices
Miami FL 7% $150 $218,50 old $1,195new $1355 old $1,635new $1795 old $1,795new $1975 old $1,475new $1595 -
Fort Lauderdale FL 6% $150 $218,50
Tampa FL 7% $150 $218,50
Jacksonville FL 7% $150 $218,50
Port Canaveral FL 6% $150 $218,50
New Orleans LA 9% $150 $27,50
Charleston SC 8,5% $200 $200
Los Angeles (Long Beach CA)San Diago CA
  • 9%
  • 8%
$150 $294
Seattle WA 9,5% $150 $64
  • NYC New York
  • Baltimore MD
  • 8,875%
  • 6%
  • $30
  • $85
old $1,450new $1655 old $2,125new $2295 old $2,375new $2575 old $2,000new $2195 -
Boston MA 7% $150 $50 $1555 $2195 $2375 - -
Key West FL 7,5% $200 $218,50 old $1,150new $1355 old $1,635new $1795 old $1,795new $1975 - old $2,150 (Hyatt Hotel)new $1395 (SMATHERS beach)
Galveston TX 8,25% $150 $36 old $1,195new $1455 old $1,735new $1895 old $1,895new $2075 old $1,575new $1695 -
Santa Catalina Island CA 9,5% $150 $294 old $1,295new $1455 old $1,895new $1995 old $1,995new $2175 - -
Cozumel Mexico cruise weddings cost - - visas/witness $461 $1855 $2395 $2575 - old $1,695 ("Hotel Cozumel & Resort")new $2295 (beach)

Bahamas cruise weddings cost

  1. Nassau
  2. Half Moon Cay
  3. Freeport (new)
- $150
  1. $100
  2. incl
  3. $305
  1. $1555
  2. $1555
  3. $1655
  1. $1995
  2. $2095
  3. $2095
  1. $2175
  2. $2375
  3. $2275
  1. $2125 (beach)
  2. $2055 (beach)
  3. $2225 (XANADU-CORAL beach), $2895 (GRAND LUCAyAN resort), $3495 (GRAND LUCAyAN resort)

Jamaica cruise weddings cost

  1. Montego Bay
  2. Ocho Rios
- $150
  1. $200
  2. $145
old $1,395new $1555 old $1,835new $1995 old $1,995new $2175 -
  1. $1755 (beach), $1825 (all incl), $1850 (MILLBROOKS resort)
  2. $1825 (SHAW PARK), $1795 (beach)
Grand Cayman - $200 $375 old $1,445new $1655 old $2,025new $2195 old $2,125new $2475 - old $2,150 (island site)new $2355 (GRAND OLD HOUSE, or SMITH COVE BEACH)
Barbados - $150 $300 old $1,195new $1355 old $1,635new $1795 old $1,795new 1975 - old $1,995 (island)new $2155
Grand Turk (new) - $200 $365 $1455 $1995 $2175 - $2195 (beach)
San Juan Puerto Rico cruise weddings cost 7% $150 med-certificate $335 old $1,395new $1455 old $1,835new $1895 old $1,995new $1595 - old $1,500 (beach)new $2395 (EL CONVENTO hotel)
USVI St Thomas - $150 $300 old $1,395new $1555 old $1,835new $1995 old $1,995new $2175 - old $1,950 (two options - "Lime Tree Beach Resort" and "Villa Harbor Lights")new $2275 (both options)

Hawaii cruise weddings cost

  1. Honolulu
  2. Maui
- $150 $65 old $1,250new $1355 old $1,750new $1795 old $1,895new $1595 - -.

SEASONAL Carnival cruise Wedding packages price SURCHARGES

To be added to the package cost)

  • Between December 24 and January 4 - extra $150
  • Between February 11 and 18 - extra $150
  • In May and June - extra $100
  • Cruise Holidays Weddings (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Eve) - extra $200

OLD Carnival Wedding packages 2013 cost

  • "Just for the Bride and Groom" package prices from $1195 - max 6 guests, intimate, a champagne toast and cake cutting.
  • "Welcome Aboard" package prices from $1635 - max 18 guests ($22 per additional guest), family and friends, 1 hr reception
  • "Deluxe Romance" package prices from $1795 - max 18 guests ($30 per additional), 1,5 hr reception
  • "The Ceremony and Wedding Luncheon" package prices from $1475 - max 6 guests ($34,50 per adult, $17,25 per kid under 12 yo), in the Main dining room, house wine, cake server, coffee-tea service, the menu options are mailed at booking
  • "Destination Weddings" - prices inclusive of round-trip transfers (for the couple ONLY, not included in Cozumel). "Destination Weddings" are usually performed either in Key West, or in some of the permissible Caribbean ports of call, but mostly in Grand Cayman, Jamaica and Cozumel, Mexico.
  • On-island wedding ceremonies are also available with a wide variety of all-inclusive amenities.
  • Wedding packages must be booked 60+ business days prior to sailing, full payment at booking. All major credit cards are accepted, not accepted are personal checks.
  • "Hearts Forever" is a romantic package which includes a bottle of sparking wine (Korbel) with two Champagne flutes etched "Romance". Also included are a heart themed 4x6 photo frame and a Tic-Tac-Toe game (pieces cut in heart shapes).
  • The onboard wedding specialist will help you design your very own package.

Carnival cruise Honeymoon, Vow Renewals

Carnival cruise Honeymoon packages inclusions

Carnival cruise honeymoon

  • 2 happily ever after honeymooners, and their Cruise Honeymoon registry money
  • 2 pair of beach sandals (leaving "Just Married" sand footprints)
  • a black baseball cap and a black T-shirt ("Groom" printed in white), a white visor and a white T-shirt ("Bride" embroidered in gold)
  • 2 sets of key-rings in a black case.
  • Carnival Anniversary package "Hearts Forever": a bottle of sparking wine with 2 "Anniversary" Champagne flutes, a photo frame, and a puzzle game with heart-shaped pieces.

Carnival cruise Vow Renewals packages cost

Vow Renewals on Carnival cruises are almost like the weddings - but cheaper. Vow Renewals can be performed on board, but many couples chose to renew their wedding vows on the beach and to do the reception on the ship. A person from Guest Services (wedding hostess) will be in charge of the onboard ceremony. The vow renewal ceremony can not be performed on a formal night or on embarkation day. And the time must fit with the captain's schedule if you insist on his presence (depending on which you choose from port days or a sea day).

  • a certificate (signed by the captain)
  • 1 long-stemmed rose (wife), a matching rose boutonniere (husband)
  • sparkling wine/Champagne toast
  • keepsake flutes
  • a 2-tier wedding cake
  • included in the package is also one 8x10 photo.
  • You may add an open bar, appetizers and photographer at additional cost.
  • "Basic" package ($450): the couple + 6 guests, for additional quests $12 per person)
  • "Deluxe" package ($850): the couple + 18 guests, for additional guests $22 PP). The Deluxe package additionally includes a reception (1-hour open bar & hot/cold canapes).
  • Vow Renewals are performed by the ship's Captain, either in some of the onboard lounges or in the onboard Chapel. All Vow Renewal ceremonies include an aisle runner, decorative floral arrangements and pre-recorded themed music.
  • Vow Renewals are totally symbolic and have no legal/binding effect.
  • Couples with different last names will be required to furnish proof of marriage.
  • A full refund is provided for cancellations received 31 days prior to sailing (there's a $150 cancellation fee if received within 30 days prior to sailing).
  • The number of couples who need to revitalize their relationship romantically by using the Carnival cruise Vow Renewal services is around 1000 annually.

Carnival cruise Wedding-Honeymoon gifts prices

  • "XOXO Forever" $50
  • "Wedding Elegance" $25
  • "High Seas Gift Set" $83
  • "Memory Box" - "Just Married" $13
  • "Etched Champagne Flutes" $19
  • "Love Scrapbook Album" $25
  • "Love & Romance" (1 rose, chocolates, champagne)- "Prosecco" $50, "Dom Perignon" $225.
  • And this is the list of all Carnival Bon Voyage Honeymoon gifts from Fun Shops featuring "Stateroom Decorations" (themed "Happy Anniversary" & "Happy Honeymoon") and the "Love & Romance" packages "Prosecco" and "Dom Perignon".
  • For more cost related surveys go to our Carnival cruise prices information hub.

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