Iona deck 16 plan (Cabins-SkyDome-Lido-Pools-Bridge)

Deck layout and review

Review of Iona deck 16 (Cabins-SkyDome-Lido-Pools-Bridge)

The fore-located Navigation Bridge and the adjacent Captain's Suite and officers' quarters are inaccessible to passengers.

SkyDome is one of the cruise liner's signature attractions and the largest onboard entertainment hub. SkyDome is named the pool deck which is covered with a retractable glass roof and consists of a large swimming pool (with retractable stage) and Jacuzzis (whirlpool hot tubs), The Dome also serves a unique live entertainment program with performances and DJ-led deck parties, regardless the weather. During the day, SkyDome serves resort-style leisure activities and offers entertainment and casual dining. The night entertainment includes on-roof media projections, laser shows, aerial acrobatics performances, DJ disco parties, theatrical productions, movies (on a large LED screen).

"SkyDome Pizzeria and Grill" offers complimentary fresh oven-baked pizzas by the slice, as well as grilled food (top-quality burgers, classic fish and chips), worldwide street foods.

Sundaes Bar offers complimentary ice creams.

SkyDome Pool (indoor swimming pool)

"Crystal Bar" and "Laguna Bar" are outdoor poolside bars offering non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks. Fun activities here include the traditional sail-away deck parties.

"The Beach House" is an informal Select Dining venue which in the evenings comprises Horizon buffet's forward section. The menu is inspired by British, American and Caribbean cuisines and offers steaks, grills, ribs, hanging kebabs, burgers, sharable sides, gourmet desserts.

"Horizon Restaurant" is the ship's Lido Buffet with all-day self-service. The Lido restaurant is casual (as dress code), with flexible dining and a wide range of dishes ranging from traditional British to world foods. The menu has various dietary needs, including gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian and healthy food options.

"Grab and Go" is a fast-food bar.

Aft is located a large Infinity Pool (resistance swimming pool) served with beverages by Infinity Bar.

Cruise cabins from 16201 to 16337, of which Standard Inside (PC, PF), Larger Inside (OA), Smaller Balcony (CZ) and the rest are Standard Balcony staterooms (GC, GF).