AIDAvita ship leaving AIDA Cruises' fleet after 20 years in service

   June 14, 2022 ,   Cruise Industry

The AIDAvita ship is leaving AIDA fleet after 20 years in the service of the Rostock Germany-based passenger shipping company.

In 2022, the fleet left AIDAmira (now Ambassador Ambition) and the newbuild scheduled for 2023 (Carnival Jubilee) was transferred to CCL-Carnival Cruise Line

After AIDAcara (now Astoria Grande), AIDAvita was the fleet's oldest vessel - built for AIDA in 2002. However, as the fleet's oldest, AIDAvita hasn't completed a single voyage since the start of the COVID crisis as the restart was rescheduled again and again and eventually canceled. Finally, the Russia-Ukraine crisis also played a role in the cancellations.

AIDA's fleet is now reduced to 12 liners, which will be in service in the winter of 2022-2023.

It is not known when the company will receive a newbuild.

Affected passengers with AIDAvita bookings made for the period October 2022-April 2023 will be contacted and informed about alternative travel and rebooking options.

AIDAbella is expected to take over AIDAvita's "Big Winter Break" routes.

The sailings take 43 or 44 days from Hamburg (Germany) to the Caribbean and back. For 21 or 26 days, the ship sails to the Canaries and back to Hamburg.

Three "Autumn Northern Lights" voyages out of Hamburg will be also assigned to AIDAbella.

During the COVID crisis, the vessel (satellite AIS position) spent most of the time docked at Port Tallin Estonia.