Tallink has no plans to restore Latvia-Sweden ferry route Riga-Stockholm

   February 15, 2023 ,   Cruise Industry

Estonian ferry company Tallink announced that there were no plans to restore ferry services between Riga (Latvia) and Stockholm (Sweden).

Katri Linka (Tallink Grupp’s press-secretary) said that after two very challenging years of the COVID crisis followed by the sharp geopolitical/economic shock of the Russia-Ukraine war, Tallink was "focused on the reorganization and restoration of operations on the main routes, connecting Estonia, Finland, and Sweden."

"Once we have restored operations and deals on our main routes, we will start working on opportunities outside these main routes."

At the moment there was no definitive answer as to what would happen.

In April 2023, Tallink plans to reopen Tallink Hotel Riga (previously closed due to the crisis). No specific information about the opening is available at this time. 

Tallink Grupp manages the Baltic Sea's ferry traffic under two brands - Tallink and Silja Line. The company has an operator for 3 hotels in Tallinn and 1 in Riga. In 2022-H1, Tallink Grupp operated with losses of EUR 40.66M (30% less than a year prior).