ACL-American Cruise Lines launches 60-day B2B itinerary on 3 ships (4 rivers/coast-to-coast USA)

   March 27, 2023 ,   Cruise Industry

ACL-American Cruise Lines created a 60-day itinerary combining 4 major rivers and 2 coasts onboard 3 ships. The company is calling it "the longest-ever domestic cruise itinerary."

"The Great United States Cruises" departs on August 14th, 2024, and visits 20 states and 4 time zones within the continental United States. It includes a national parks package visiting Grand Teton, Glacier, and Yellowstone. 

Passengers will commence their vacation on the Pacific Coast in Portland OR and sail the Columbia/Snake rivers on American Jazz; the Mississippi River on American Symphony from New Orleans to Saint Paul; and from Maine to New York/up the Hudson River on American Independence

The journey ends in New York Harbour on October 14th with a viewing of the Statue of Liberty from the boat on the last day of the itinerary.

CEO Charles Robertson said "The Great United States Cruise" was a fantastic showcase of their country and of the breadth of ACL. He added a river cruise of that magnitude had never been done before in the USA.

Flights from Jackson Wyoming to New Orleans and Saint Paul to Portland ME are included.

American Jazz cruise ship

The price per person ranges between US$51,060-77,945 and includes all flights, a pre-cruise hotel stay, as well as hotels between cruise segments, all meals and beverages, daily trips, Internet service, port charges, and gratuities.

American Cruise Lines is only selling the voyage in its entirety. No individual segments are offered. 

Highlights of the package feature private guided tours of the 3 national parks: a 10-state Mississippi River cruise and fall foliage along Hudson River.