27-year-old company UnCruise Adventures returns to profitability

   April 2, 2023 ,   Cruise Industry

In a year of recovery for the industry, UnCruise Adventures shared its return to profitability.

Most cruise shipping companies are still dealing with massive losses/crushing debt. However, UnCruise Adventures' savvy business decisions, loyal guests, and adaptive staff, along with the quick ability to pivot during the COVID crisis had propelled the company into a profitable return to business, giving customers solid confidence in UnCruise's reliable future.

Captain Dan Blanchard (Owner and CEO) said their approach to adventure cruising and business management was different from the big multi-national companies.

“We have always focused on small group and sustainable travel, and that has paid off. The best investment we can make is in ourselves and our environment. Our guests appreciate that, coming back year after year.”

The commitment of UnCruise Adventures to its passengers has been unwavering, and the line’s recovery stands as an example of what small businesses can do.

The company has successfully bounced back from the crisis which is a testament to UnCruise Adventures’ commitment to its passengers and the company’s perseverance in the face of adversity. It continues to show its growth trends going into 2023. The growth represents an acceleration in the financial performance and maneuverability of the company.

Blanchard stated they believed in the power of U.S. small private businesses to drive change/create positive, profitable outcomes. Their return to profitability proved that with determination, and adaptability, cruisers didn’t have to give up their dream. 

The CEO recently reflected on the challenges they faced back in 2020. He emphasized the difference in the tenacity of the management when their company and funds are at risk.

He said that in August of 2020, there had been only 8 of them left, some working without pay, and their future was uncertain.