Ireland and France launch combined Train & Ferry ticket

   September 10, 2023 ,   Cruise Industry

Amid the commencement of the Rugby World Cup 2023 in France (September 8 thru October 28), Ireland and France partnered to introduce the "Sail and Rail" ticketing option between the two countries in 2024.

This initiative, originally announced by the respective heads of state in November 2022, seeks to streamline the process of booking and traveling between France and Ireland, commencing next year. Beyond simplification, the combined tickets aim to encourage environmentally conscious transportation choices, all at an appealing fare structure.

The Irish Department of Transport has outlined the practical implementation of this concept. Starting in early September, individuals traveling between France and Ireland who opt to combine ferry and train services for their journeys will have the convenience of booking their train tickets directly from the websites of Brittany Ferries and Irish Ferries.

Moreover, the accessibility to relevant train stations at both ends of the journey has been improved, encompassed within the Sail-Rail package. In addition, port transfers from train stations to ferry terminals are now facilitated by bus services in 4 cities: Dublin, Cork, Cherbourg, and Roscoff.

Reservations for the ferry+train tickets are available through online booking platforms like Trailine and Rail-Europe, plus other participating operators.

Looking ahead to 2024, Ireland and France plan to further streamline these arrangements upon the official launch of the "Sail and Rail" tickets. This enhancement will enable a single booking to encompass the entire rail and sea journey, providing a more seamless travel experience for passengers.

This joint endeavor between the two countries stems from the recognition that trains and ferries represent highly energy-efficient modes of transportation. Furthermore, they serve as a more sustainable alternative to air travel, aligning with broader efforts in the European Union to promote eco-friendly transportation options.

In line with this commitment, France recently announced its intentions to raise taxes on airline tickets while simultaneously reducing the cost of train tickets. These tax adjustments are expected to take effect in the coming year as part of the new budget, reinforcing the government's commitment to fostering more sustainable travel choices.