At least 26 people die after ferry capsizes in north-central Nigeria

   September 11, 2023 ,   Accidents

In the recent incident on Sunday, September 10th, a passenger ferry carrying 100+ people, including women and children, capsized on a reservoir in north-central Nigeria.

The accident occurred in Niger State's Mokwa Local Government Area.

At least 26, primarily women and children, have lost their lives, and several others remain missing. The passengers were en route to their farms across a significant dam in the region.

Bologi Ibrahim (Niger state's spokesperson for the governor) reported that the rescue efforts are ongoing, with over 30 people successfully rescued thus far. The operation involves both marine police and local divers, in collaboration with the Niger State Emergency Management Agency.

It is important to note that this is the second major accident of its kind to occur in the region in just three months. In July, a similar tragedy unfolded when an overloaded boat capsized in a remote area of Niger State, resulting in the loss of 100+ lives.

Such accidents highlight the recurring challenges of overcrowding and inadequate maintenance of the ships navigating the Nigerian waterways.