Variety Cruises' ship Harmony G is back to West Africa after COVID

   November 9, 2023 ,   Cruise Industry

Next month, Variety Cruises is set to resume small ship sailings in West Africa, marking the first return since the pandemic.

The company will operate two 8-day itineraries that explore rivers in The Gambia and Senegal. While these cruises were initially established in 2009, they were temporarily put on hold during the COVID crisis.

Variety Cruises plans to deploy the 44-passenger ship Harmony G in the region, offering return trips from either Dakar or Banjul.

The focus of these voyages is on wildlife viewing and birdwatching along the West African coast and the Gambia River. Variety Cruises aims to go beyond the typical cruise experience by promoting cultural exchange between their guests and the communities they visit.

Filippos Venetopoulos, the CEO of Variety, expressed their commitment to providing a more immersive exploration of destinations through carefully crafted excursions and events. The company strives to enable guests to delve deeper into the local culture and surroundings during their small ship sailings in West Africa.