CMV Introduces World Cruise 2021

By ,   June 2, 2019 ,   Cruise Industry

CMV announced its World Cruise 2021, with planned navigation of 34,770 nautical miles (64,400 km) across 5 continents and departing roundtrip from London-Tilbury on January 6, 2021. Prices start from GBP 9000 per person (double occupancy cabin rates).

The latest CMV Around the World voyage is offered on Columbus. The mid-sized liner is due to circumnavigate the globe for 120 nights, visiting 24 countries, transiting Panama Canal and calling at 38 seaports.

CMV Columbus cruise ship

On this journey, passengers will be able to see the Azores, sail the Caribbean, South Pacific, Australia (under the Sydney Bridge) and will also have the chance to experience the Great Barrier Reef, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and New Zealand.

Highlights of the world voyage include the Indian Ocean calling at Seychelles, Kenya with the option to go on Safari, South Africa, Brazil. A visit to Rio de Janeiro is also included.