Marseille Fos Port Authority Announces Zero-Emissions Investment

   July 29, 2019 ,   Cruise Industry

Among a series of eco-friendly initiatives, Marseille Fos Port will invest EUR 20 million over the next 6 years to extend shoreside power/electrical connections for berthed ships to every ferry, cruise ship and repair quay within Marseille's eastern harbour.

Already available on Corsica Ferry quays, the network is due to be expanded in 2 phases to cover North Africa ferries' quays as well as the ship repair hub by 2022, and the cruise ship terminal (between 2022-2025). The zero-emissions investment is backed by the regional and national government. It recognizes the need to maintain the value of the port to the economy while improving the waterside air quality of the city.

Marseille Fos CEO Herve Martel said they were convinced that ecological transition was the springboard to economic growth and that was why they were "investing heavily to become the Mediterranean’s first 100% electric port by 2025.”

Port of Marseille (France Riviera)

Among further steps to reduce emissions, Marseille Fos introduced speed restrictions of 10 knots in port approaches and 8 knots (15 kph) within harbours. The limits apply to all ships and comply with regional and state government policies which also target industrial and vehicle air pollution.

In another initiative, cruise planning specialist Searoutes unveiled the pilot version of an "eco-calculator for measuring the environmental impact of shipments throughout the supply chain." Under the Smart Port Challenge, Marseille Fos port authority chose the local company to develop a prototype which is also on trial at Rotterdam and Antwerp.

Meanwhile, 12 shipping companies qualified for 2-3% reductions in port dues as a reward for cutting air emissions below the regulatory requirements over the past year.