Seabourn Announces Details of ‘The Colonnade’

   October 23, 2019 ,   Cruise Industry

Seabourn is preparing for the launch of its new purpose-built expedition cruise ship, Seabourn Venture, set to start cruising the most coveted and remote destinations of the world in June 2021.

Seabourn Venture's passengers and the guests of her yet-unnamed sistership (Seabourn 2022) will find masterfully crafted onboard spots, such as The Colonnade, where they can find various delicious meal options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The venue is part of the 8 dining experiences expedition vacationers will enjoy onboard the expedition ships.

Renowned designer Adam D.Tihany shaped public spaces that capture the early explorers' romanticism with the vibrant energy of today, invoking a sense of adventure while maintaining the venues' familiarity. 

Seabourn Venture cruise ship

The Colonnade is located at the aft of Deck 6. It is a casual and inviting elegant setting which is sure to be among the most popular sites for guests to savor the highly acclaimed all-inclusive international dining selections of the line.

The Colonnade was inspired by the wooden hulls of maritime design. The riveted curved wood panels of the ceiling give travelers the feeling of being inside the hull of one of the first expedition vessels, a concept that echoes throughout the spot with decorative metal plate details, art displays of intricate nautical knots, and integrated wood flooring.