MSC Armonia deck 6 plan (Diamante-Promenade-Shops-Casino)

Deck layout and review

Review of MSC Armonia deck 6 (Diamante-Promenade-Shops-Casino)

La Fenice Theatre (level 2 of 2)

Caffe San Marco (100 seats specialty coffee bar/a la carte pricing, with complimentary cookies and pastries, also offering coffee packages)

Teens Club (18-seat, size 1,022 ft2/95 m2)

Video Games Arcade (size 484 ft2/45 m2)

Business Center (125-seat conference/meeting room and cinema, size 4,241 ft2/394 m2)

Palm Beach Casino (125-seat smoking allowed area, slots and gambling tables, own full bar, size 4,886 ft2/454 m2)

Armonia Lounge & Library  (130-seat double function room, size 3,433 ft2/319 m2)

The Red Bar (101 seats piano bar with live music)

Shopping Area, including San Marco Shop (luxury jewelry, brand sunglasses and watches shop, size 645 ft2/60 m2)

Photo Gallery & Shop (photo services, cameras, binoculars, accessories, size 1,410 ft2/131 m2)

Surf & Turf Restaurant (38-seat specialty restaurant)

La Pergola Restaurant (aft Dining Room, capacity 287 seats, dinner only- with 2 fixed seatings- at 7 or 9:30 pm, size 5,747 ft2/534 m2).