MSC Fantasia deck 16 plan (Aurora-Sports-Teens-Waterslide-Yacht Club2)

Deck layout and review

Review of MSC Fantasia deck 16 (Aurora-Sports-Teens-Waterslide-Yacht Club2)

MSC Yacht Club

Sliding Roof

Liquid Disco & Nightclub (136-seat, 504 m2 disco club with a full bar, dancing lessons)

Teen Club / Teen’s Area (for younger passengers between 13 and 17 years, live music, dance classes, sports, and video games, 30-seat, size 85 m2)

Teens Toboga (water slide, entrance; open 2-5 pm)

Virtual World (10-seat, teen-only, with 10 video games arcade machines; open 9am-8pm, size 80 m2)

F1 Simulator (Formula 1 car simulator/at a surcharge, size 40 m2)

4D Cinema (10 moving seats/surcharge, size 45 m2)

MSC Arena Sports Center (combined sports court for basketball, volleyball, soccer, with stadium seating and huge outdoor movie screen with 137 seats and size 290 m2)

Shuffleboard, Squash, Tennis, and Foosball Tables

Cruise suites from 16001 to 16035, all of which are MSC Yacht Club cabins of categories Yacht Club Deluxe Suite-YC1 and Yacht Club Royal Suite-YC3.