Scenic Aura deck plan (Gem-Spa)

Deck layout and review

Review of Scenic Aura deck (Gem-Spa)

Staff accommodations, crew cabins, and the crew lounge/dining area are located aft. Follow the ship’s engine room with the propulsion units.

Freshwater tanks and ballast water tanks are located forward.

Gem Deck is accessible via the boat’s Elevator and a spiral staircase around it.

Guest Laundry (self-service launderette for passengers).

Part of the Wellness Center is two Spa massage rooms (served by professional masseuses), Beauty Salon (manicures/pedicures, hairdresser/barber services), Gym (small fitness room /portside) and Steam Room (Finish Sauna /portside). Bottled water and towels are provided complimentary.