Viking Cruises' new 'longitudinal' voyage sails from the Great Lakes to Antarctica with 33 calls in 9 countries

   June 4, 2022 ,   Cruise Industry

A new route from Viking EXPEDITIONS offers cruising from Antarctica, all the way up South America's west coast, via Panama Canal, and continues northward up the East Coast USA, eventually making its way to the Great Lakes.

Viking marks its 25th anniversary this year and is calling it the Longitudinal World Cruise, traveling north to south/vice versa.

A couple of voyages are planned. The first, Longitudinal World Cruise I, is scheduled to depart on March 2, 2023, and conclude on May 5, 2023, The 65-day cruise aboard Viking Octantis will visit 29 ports in 8 countries (3 continents).

The journey begins in Buenos Aires (Argentina), where passengers can explore the capital city, soaking up the architecture, art, and local cuisine. From here, the 5-deck ship heads southward, making her way to the Antarctic Peninsula. After a stopover at Antarctica, the journey northward begins, around Cape Horn, up to Chile, Peru, Ecuador, through the Panama Canal, and then up to Mexico and on to Florida USA. The voyage also takes in NYC New York prior to heading up into Canadian waters (Nova Scotia and Quebec) prior to making her way to the Saint Lawrence River, onto Ontario, back through the USA to Detroit MI, and ending the journey in Milwaukee WI.

Fares start from USD 44,995 per person with double occupancy.

Viking Octantis cruise ship

The second voyage is planned for September 12, 2023. The "Longitudinal World Cruise II" is scheduled to sail north to south aboard Octantis' sistership Viking Polaris. "Longitudinal 2" is a little longer (71 days) and visits 33 ports, 9 countries, 3 continents.