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Viking Octantis current position

Viking Octantis current location is at South America West Coast (coordinates -23.81499 S / -70.97547 W) cruising at speed of 12 kn (22 km/h | 14 mph) en route to Iquique. The AIS position was reported 8 minutes ago.

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Current itinerary of Viking Octantis

Viking Octantis current cruise is 62 days, one-way from Buenos Aires to Milwaukee WI, themed as "Easter". The itinerary starts on 03 Mar, 2023 and ends on 04 May, 2023.

Date / TimePort
03 Mar    Departing from Buenos Aires, Argentina hotels
03 Mar    flight
03 Mar    Ushuaia, Argentina
04 Mar    Drake Passage, Antarctica
05 Mar - 11 Mar    Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica
12 Mar    Drake Passage, Antarctica
13 Mar    Cape Horn, Chile Antarctica
14 Mar    Ushuaia, Argentina
15 Mar    Cape Horn, Chile Antarctica
16 Mar - 17 Mar    Chilean Fjords, Patagonia
18 Mar    Punta Arenas, Chile Antarctica
19 Mar - 21 Mar    Chilean Fjords, Patagonia
22 Mar    Caleta Tortel, Chile Patagonia
23 Mar    Chilean Fjords, Patagonia
24 Mar    Chiloe Island, Castro, Chile
25 Mar    Chilean Fjords, Patagonia
27 Mar    Valparaiso-Santiago, Chile
30 Mar    Iquique, Chile
02 Apr    Callao-Lima, Peru
05 Apr    Manta, Ecuador
07 Apr    Panama Canal
08 Apr    Colon, Panama
11 Apr    Cozumel, Quintana Roo Mexico, Riviera Maya
13 Apr    Fort Lauderdale, Port Everglades, Florida
15 Apr    Charleston SC, South Carolina
17 Apr    Norfolk VA, Virginia
19 Apr    New York, Cape Liberty Bayonne NJ-NYC
21 Apr    Lunenburg NS, Nova Scotia Canada
22 Apr    Louisbourg NS, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia Canada
23 Apr    Madeleine-Magdalen Islands, Cap-aux Meules, Quebec Canada
24 Apr    St Lawrence Seaway, Canada
25 Apr    Quebec City, Canada
26 Apr    Trois-Rivieres, Quebec Canada
27 Apr    St Lawrence Seaway, Canada
28 Apr    Toronto, Ontario Canada, Niagara Falls
29 Apr    Port Colborne ON, Ontario Canada, Niagara Falls
30 Apr    Pelee Island ON, Ontario
01 May    Detroit MI, Michigan
02 May    Alpena MI, Michigan
03 May    Mackinac Island, Michigan, Lake Huron
04 May    Arriving in Milwaukee WI, Wisconsin, Lake Michigan hotels

Specifications of Viking Octantis

Year of build2021  /  Age: 2
Flag state Norway
BuilderVARD shipyards (Tulcea Romania and Soviknes-Alesund Norway)
Classice-strengthened expedition ship (VARD-6)
Building costEUR 230 million (USD 255 million)
Speed18 kn / 33 km/h / 21 mph
Length (LOA)203 m / 666 ft
Beam (width)24 m / 79 ft
Gross Tonnage30150 gt
Decks with cabins3
Sister-shipsViking Polaris
Christened byLiv Arnesen
OwnerViking Cruises
OperatorViking Ocean via Viking Expeditions

Viking Octantis Itineraries

DateItineraryDeparture PortPrice from
2023 Feb 20 11 days, one-way from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia Buenos Aires $14995
2023 Mar 03 11 days, one-way from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia Buenos Aires $14995
2023 Mar 03 62 days, one-way from Buenos Aires to Milwaukee WI Buenos Aires
2023 Mar 14 13 days, one-way from Buenos Aires to Valparaiso-Santiago Buenos Aires $8995
2023 Mar 14 30 days, one-way from Buenos Aires to Fort Lauderdale Buenos Aires $17995
2023 Mar 14 45 days, one-way from Buenos Aires to Toronto Buenos Aires $21995
2023 Mar 27 17 days, one-way from Valparaiso-Santiago to Fort Lauderdale Valparaiso-Santiago $9995
2023 Apr 13 15 days, one-way from Fort Lauderdale to Toronto Fort Lauderdale $7995
2023 Apr 28 6 days, one-way from Toronto to Milwaukee WI Toronto $6095
2023 May 12 6 days, one-way from Toronto to Milwaukee WI Toronto $6495
2023 Jun 23 6 days, one-way from Toronto to Milwaukee WI Toronto $7095
2023 Jul 21 6 days, one-way from Toronto to Milwaukee WI Toronto $6995
2023 Aug 04 14 days, one-way from Toronto to Duluth MN Toronto $13995
2023 Sep 01 6 days, one-way from Toronto to Milwaukee WI Toronto $7295
2023 Sep 15 15 days, one-way from Toronto to Fort Lauderdale Toronto $11995
2023 Sep 15 45 days, one-way from Toronto to Ushuaia Toronto $29995
2023 Sep 30 17 days, one-way from Fort Lauderdale to Valparaiso-Santiago Fort Lauderdale $9995
2023 Sep 30 30 days, one-way from Fort Lauderdale to Ushuaia Fort Lauderdale $18995
2023 Oct 17 13 days, one-way from Valparaiso-Santiago to Ushuaia Valparaiso-Santiago $9995
2023 Oct 30 17 days, one-way from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia Buenos Aires $19995
2023 Nov 16 11 days, one-way from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia Buenos Aires $13995
2023 Nov 27 11 days, one-way from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia Buenos Aires $11995
2023 Dec 08 11 days, one-way from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia Buenos Aires $13995
2023 Dec 19 11 days, one-way from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia Buenos Aires $13995
2023 Dec 30 11 days, one-way from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia Buenos Aires $14995
2024 Jan 10 11 days, one-way from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia Buenos Aires $14995
2024 Jan 21 11 days, one-way from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia Buenos Aires $14995
2024 Feb 01 17 days, one-way from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia Buenos Aires $21995
2024 Feb 18 11 days, one-way from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia Buenos Aires $14995
2024 Feb 29 11 days, one-way from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia Buenos Aires $14995
2024 Mar 11 13 days, one-way from Buenos Aires to Valparaiso-Santiago Buenos Aires $8995
2024 Mar 24 17 days, one-way from Valparaiso-Santiago to Fort Lauderdale Valparaiso-Santiago $9995
2024 Apr 10 15 days, one-way from Fort Lauderdale to Toronto Fort Lauderdale $9995
2024 Apr 25 6 days, one-way from Toronto to Milwaukee WI Toronto $5995
2024 May 09 6 days, one-way from Toronto to Milwaukee WI Toronto $6495
2024 May 23 14 days, one-way from Toronto to Duluth MN Toronto $13995
2024 Jun 20 6 days, one-way from Toronto to Milwaukee WI Toronto $6995
2024 Aug 01 14 days, one-way from Toronto to Duluth MN Toronto $13995
2024 Aug 29 6 days, one-way from Toronto to Milwaukee WI Toronto $6995

Viking Octantis Review

Review of Viking Octantis

The 2021-built Viking Octantis cruise ship is a newbuild vessel part of Viking Expeditions fleet (division of Viking Ocean Cruises). Octantis and the sistership Viking Polaris were scheduled for inauguration in 2021-Q2 (Octantis) and 2022-Q2 (Polaris). As the "Viking Ocean" brand specializes in all-inclusive seagoing cruises, the two new ships are grouped in a separate fleet under the new luxury travel brand "Viking Expeditions".

The vessel (IMO number 9863194) is currently Norway-flagged (MMSI 259070000) and registered in Longyearbyen Spitsbergen.

Viking's expedition ships are smaller-sized (GT-tonnage/volume 30150 tons) and with reduced passenger capacity (378 each, plus 260 crew/staff) in comparison to Viking Ocean's liners, each carrying 930 passengers (plus 465 crew/staff). Viking Expeditions' boats are constructed by the Norwegian shipbuilder VARD (subsidiary of the Italian company Fincantieri). The vessel's hull and superstructure were assembled t the shipyard in Tulcea Romania, then towed to VARD Soviknes Shipyard (Alesund Norway) for outfitting.

Viking Octantis cruise ship (Viking Expeditions)

Fincantieri's VARD shipbuilding company specializes in marine engineering, design and construction of small-capacity (200-400 pax) luxury passenger ships delivered to premium brands like Ponant and Hapag-Lloyd. More details on Viking's newbuilds as to their design (VARD-6 series), deck plans, staterooms, facilities, amenities and services will be officially announced on January 16, 2020, when Viking Expeditions cruises officially go on sale.

Viking Octantis cruise ship (Viking Expeditions)

Traditionally for an expedition cruise ship, Viking Octantis has its own fleet of inflatable Zodiacs (speedboats used for passenger tendering and shoreside cruising), rigid-hulled inflatable boats (large-capacity unsinkable boat with a rigid bottom) and sea-kayaks. The ship design features several spacious open-deck areas, including Promenade Deck and bow-located Observation Deck (forward on Lounge Deck).

Shipboard facilities

Signature ship facilities available on each Viking Expeditions boat include Explorers Lounge (2-deck, observatory-type), Aquavit Terrace (indoor-outdoor sundeck / bar lounge covered by a retractable glass roof), The Living Room (lounge), The Library (lounge), The Hide, The Shelter and The Bow (indoor-outdoor wildlife viewing areas), The Laboratory, The Blue Room, Aula Auditorium (Theater / Cinema / Conference Room), Finse Terrace, Expedition Central (Photography Studio / Photo Gallery / Coffee Bar), Shop, Nordic Spa Badestamp (Hot Tub Room), wellness complex (Hydrotherapy Pool, Salon (Spa Lounge), Gym, Saunas, Massage Rooms), Promenade Deck (full-circle), Observation Deck (top-deck), Medical Centre (Infirmary), The Hangar (indoor marina for watercraft). Four Atrium Lifts (glass-walled elevators) connect all decks. A 5th Lift (aft) is wheelchair-accessible and interconnects decks 2 through 5. Staircases (inside and outside stairs) interconnect all decks.


Explorers Lounge (Decks 5-6) is a bow-facing, 2-deck high, circular-shaped, glass-covered and walled indoor observation lounge (observatory-type, with wraparound windows). In the evenings, Explorers Lounge hosts live performances by resident musicians (pianist, guitarist, classical trio). The lounge is served by its own bar (Explorers Bar is on Deck 5) and has a small terrace (open-air seating area). Explorers Lounge also doubles as Reading Lounge, having a selection of best-seller books, quiet atmosphere, comfortable seating, beverage service. The decor is highlighted by maritime artefacts. At night, the 2-story high wraparound windows are light up with the constellations.

Viking Expeditions cruise ship (Explorers Lounge Bar)

Aula Auditorium (Deck 2 aft) is a glass-walled auditorium (with tiered seating) hosting lectures, media presentations, itinerary-themed port talks, live entertainment programs. The lounge has floor-ceiling and wall-to-wall windows (providing 270-degree unobstructed views) and an outdoor deck seating (Finse Terrace). Aula Auditorium also doubles as Cinema, being fitted with a retractable screen (covering the entire window wall towards the stern) and latest sound and visual equipment. Aula Auditorium provides direct access to Finse Terrace, which makes it an indoor-outdoor observation lounge. Finse Terrace is an outdoor lounge (adjacent to Aula Auditorium) with comfortable seating (padded sofas) and heated by firepits (heated lava rocks). Finse Terrace also provides alfresco dining and drinking when weather permits.

Viking Expeditions cruise ship (Aula Auditorium-Finse Terrace)

Aft-located (at the stern) indoor-outdoor pool deck lounge (Aquavit Terrace) with 3 infinity pools - positioned side by side and covered by a retractable glass roof. Each of the swimming pools is at a different temperature. The mid-pool has indoor-outdoor swimming experience.

Viking Octantis cruise ship (Aquavit Terrace swimming pools)

Dining venues include The Restaurant (fine dining, regional cuisine specialties, classic dishes), The World Cafe (market-style buffet restaurant with open kitchen, live cooking station, bakery, grill stations, seafood bar with premium sushi, international food choices), Manfredi's Italian Restaurant (Deck 1), Mamsen's Restaurant (Deck 5, traditional Scandinavian dishes, Italian cuisine specialties) plus Room Service (24-hour, complimentary).

The Hangar is an aft-located indoor marina for launching the smaller-sized RIBs (rigid inflatable boats). The launch platform features a 26 m (85 ft) wide rollers-covered slipway (boat ramp) that allows safe and sheltered embarkation on the RIBs inside the cruise ship.

Viking Expeditions cruise ship (Boat Marina)

The onboard expedition equipment is provided complimentary to all passengers (regardless of cabin category). It includes Zodiacs (military-type rigid inflatable high-speed boats used for landings and coastal cruising), 2-seater sea-kayaks, two RIB boats (12-seats each), two mini-submarines (model "U-Boat Worx-Cruise Sub 7" submersibles, each with 6 revolving seats, spherical windows / 270-degree), Expedition Kit (cold-weather boots, waterproof pants, snowshoes, trekking poles, skis, binoculars). Each tour boat is fitted with the latest Safety Equipment (satellite phone, VHF radio, ropes, life jackets, survival kits).

Exclusively for Viking Expeditions, Viking Cruises partnered with Cambridge University's Scott Polar Research Institute (Polar Museum) that specializes in polar research and glaciology. Via this exclusive partnership, on every voyage scientists from the Institute undertake on the ship and also share with the cruisers their expertise. Another exclusive partnership was signed with Cornell Lab of Ornithology (unit of Ithaca NY's Cornell University) which specializes in global bird research. Cornell Lab's ornithologists are also always present on the ship to interact with the passengers. Viking Cruises also partnered with NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). NOAA scientists are present on all Great Lakes USA voyages to conduct research (on local weather changes and ecosystems) and present lectures themed on the Great Lakes region.

Decks and Cabins

Most Viking Octantis staterooms (184 out of 189 total) are with French balconies, excluding only Deck 6's Suites (OS-Owner, ES-Explorer). Cabin sizes vary between 21 m2 (Nordic Balcony / French Balcony) and 114 m2 (Owner Suite with 73-m2 Terrace Garden). Explorer Suites are with a shared balcony (Terrace Garden Lounge).

Viking Expeditions Viking Polaris staterooms offer as standard the following complimentary amenities and services:

  • King-size bed ("Viking Explorer", deluxe mattresses and linens, Cashmere blankets), optional twin beds configuration, bedside reading lamps (wall-mounted), Marius-pattern wool blankets
  • En-suite bathroom (with heated floor and heated mirror), glass door shower, hairdryer, premium bath products and toiletries (by Freyja), deluxe bathrobes, slippers, towel warmers, plenty of storage space.
  • Seating area with sofa, low table, vanity desk with chair, wardrobe, full-length mirror with mini lights (doubles as night light with bedside on/off button), floor-ceiling drying closet
  • Satellite phone (direct-dial), smart HDTV (3D, Infotainment system / Internet access, room service ordering, movies-on-demand, live webcams views, Viking Expeditions ship channel for news, schedules, itinerary and destination information, enrichment lectures, port talks), binoculars (in-cabin use only), electronic safe box (in the closet), individual climate control, 220V / 110V power outlets (European and US standard plugs), Coffee machine, mini-bar (bottled water, soft drinks, snacks).

The cabin's keycard must be inserted into a slot (by the entry door) to power the room's electrical outlets and lights. All cabin categories receive complimentary movies on demand and 24-hour room service. Suite categories receive free laundry, pressing, shoeshine, Welcome Champagne bottle.

The boat has 7 decks, all of which are passenger-accessible, including 4 with cabins.

Viking Expeditions cruise deals are all-inclusive, meaning they offer as complimentary (included in the fares):

  • 1 complimentary excursion in each of the ports of call along the itinerary route
  • complimentary drinks, including alcohol (beers and house wines at lunch and dinner). The selection of wines includes red and white, and occasionally rose,
  • free Wi-Fi (shipwide coverage), free Internet (unlimited access)
  • free of charge specialty restaurant dining (excepting only the lowest category Balcony cabins).
  • Tipping/gratuities (recommended daily gratuity USD 14 pp) is automatically added to the passengers' onboard accounts. Adjustments can be made at the Reception Desk (Lobby area). Alcoholic drink purchases levy a 15% gratuity (automatic).
  • All beverages served at the onboard lounges and bars cost extra. Prices are around $6 (cocktail), $4 (beer), $5-6 (wine by the glass). Viking Cruises "Silver Spirits" drink package costs $420 per cabin (for two passengers) and offers unlimited cocktails ($9 limit), beers and premium wines (by the glass), plus one bottle of sparkling wine, specialty coffees, unlimited soda (soft drinks).

The complimentary 24-hour Room Service menu includes pasta (3 sauces are offered - bolognese, pesto, Pomodoro), grilled salmon, cured Norwegian salmon (gravlax/gravadlax), grilled chicken, burgers (including veggie), chef salad, cheese plates. Breakfast options include hot/cold sandwiches, French toast, pancakes, oatmeal, eggs, fresh fruits.

Viking Expeditions itineraries

The inaugural cruise itineraries of both expedition vessels are 13-day polar voyages - one in Antarctica, the other in the European Arctic. Viking's Arctic cruises (to Svalbard Islands and Arctic Russia) are roundtrips from homeport Tromso Norway and priced from USD 14,000 per person (double-occupancy balcony cabin). Viking's Antarctic roundtrips are from homeport Ushuaia Argentina, with prices starting from USD 15,000 pp (fly-cruise packages from Buenos Aires with included overnight hotel stay prior departure and return flights to Europe-USA-Canada-Australia).

Exclusive promo deals for past customers and travel agents were opened for bookings made in the period October 10 - December 31, 2019. Next are listed all Viking Expeditions cruise itineraries by length and theme.

  • 44-day "From the Arctic to Antarctica" (from Tromso to Ushuaia)
  • 19-day "Antarctic and South America Discovery" (from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro)
  • 18-day "South America and Antarctic Discovery" (from Rio de Janeiro to Ushuaia)
  • 15-day and 13-day "Antarctic Adventure" (from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia)
  • 15-day "Atlantic and Equator Sojourn" (from Cork to Rio de Janeiro)
  • 13-day "Arctic Adventure" (roundtrip from Tromso Norway)
  • 13-day "Viking's Northern Isles" (from Tromso to Cork)
  • 13-day "Canadian Discovery"(from NYC New York City to Toronto)
  • 10-day "Caribbean Connections" (from Bridgetown to NYC New York)
  • 8-day "Niagara and the Great Lakes" (from Toronto to Milwaukee)
  • 8-day "Undiscovered Great Lakes" (from Thunder Bay to Milwaukee)
  • 8-day "Great Lakes Explorer" (from Milwaukee to Thunder Bay)

Viking's Great Lakes cruises visit ports and destinations in Canada's Ontario state (Thunder Bay, Toronto, Welland Canal, Niagara Falls, Point Pelee) and USA's Minnesota-Michigan-Wisconsin states (Detroit MI, Alpena MI, Mackinac Island MI Lake Huron, Apostle Islands WI, Houghton MI on Lake Superior, Traverse City MI, Milwaukee WI on Lake Michigan, Duluth MN) and feature passing through Soo Locks at Sault Ste Marie (Lake Superior - Lake Huron transition).

Viking's Canada cruises visit NYC New York, Halifax NS, Gulf of St Lawrence (scenic cruising, Cape Breton National Park), Charlottetown (Prince Edward Island), Magdalen Islands Quebec (scenic cruising), Cap-aux-Meules (Quebec), Sept-Iles Quebec, Saguenay Quebec (zodiac cruising through Saguenay Fjord), Quebec City, Trois-Rivieres Quebec, Montreal Quebec, Seaway Locks (transit to Lake Ontario), Toronto Ontario.

Viking's Antarctic cruises are inclusive of 2 domestic charter flights (between Buenos Aires-Ushuaia) and an overnight hotel (in Buenos Aires / pre-cruise). Signature destinations include Beagle Channel (Glacier Alley) and Drake Passage, Cape Horn, Half Moon Island, Deception Island (Whalers Bay), Brown Bluff, Wiencke Island (Damoy Point), Lemaire Channel, Petermann Island, Cuverville Island, Neko Harbor (Antarctic Peninsula),

Viking's Arctic cruises visit Tromso Norway, Svalbard Islands Norway, Polar Ice Cap (scenic cruising), Spitsbergen Island (Barentsburg, Smeerenburg, Barentsburg, Alicehamna/Alice Harbour, Hornsund, Nordfjorden, Liefdefjorden), Bjornoya (Bear Island), Barents Sea (cruising).

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    Viking Octantis Wiki

    Viking Octantis Ltd is a Bermuda-registered company owned by Viking River Cruises (International) LLC, which directors are Torstein Hagen and Leah Talactac. The ship name "VIKING OCTANTIS" is a trademark owned by Viking River Cruises (Bermuda) Ltd and filed on April 29, 2019.

    Trademark's services include passengers and goods transportation, cruise shipping and travel agency services, travel tour operations (transport of passengers for guided and sightseeing tours), cruise and travel arrangements, transportation reservations (including cruise ship and land excursions), packaging and storage of goods, provision of information and advice (related to the aforesaid services).

    On January 15, 2020, was announced the boat's Godmother - Liv Ragnheim Arnesen (1953-born Norwegian educator, motivational speaker, adventurer, cross-country skier). She is best known as the first woman to ski solo (unassisted) to the South Pole. During the 50-day "South Pole 1994" expedition, Liv Arnesen skied alone ~745 mi (~1200 km). During the "Greenland 1992" expedition, she led world's first all-woman ski team that (unsupported) crossed the Greenland Ice Cap and reached  During the "Antarctica 2001" expedition, she and Ann Bancroft (Viking Polaris ship's Godmother) became the first women to sail and ski across Antarctica. During this 94-day voyage, they trekked ~1717 mi (2747 km).

    Viking Octantis ship's hull (yard number 906) is ice-class PC6 (Polar Class 6) which allows safe navigation in multi-year sea ice conditions. The lowest ice-classes for passenger ships (PC6 and PC7) are equivalent to the highest classes of Finland (1A-Super) and Sweden (1A) that allow year-round navigation for cruiseferries in Baltic waters (first-year sea ice conditions).

    VARD-6 series ship design

    Polar-Class passenger ships are required to have ice-strengthened hulls which are longitudinally divided into 4 sections - bow, bow intermediate (ballast water tanks), midship, stern (ballast water tanks). Excepting the bow, the other 3 lower hull sections are further divided (vertically) into 3 compartments - bottom, lower, icebelt, for each of which is calculated an ice load (based on dimensions and geometry) which is used to determine the hull as steel grades to be used for the construction of shell plates and hull frames (design and number) per location.

    Polar-Class cruise ships are also designed with specific machinery and propulsion systems (thrusters, steering gear, navigation and control systems) for safe navigation in fresh-packed ice (ice-covered waters). Unlike regular boats, their ballast water should not be freezing. Cruise ship's combined propulsion power output should be enough to allow independent cruising (at a specified continuous speed) in thin-ice conditions, which actually defines the vessel as an icebreaking ship.

    In February 2020, the shipbuilder VARD Group contracted Palfinger Marine (Salzburg Austria-based manufacturer of marine deck handling equipment) to produce, deliver and install Viking Expeditions ships' side shell doors, mooring platforms, provision loading systems, garbage lifts, davit systems (for the mini-submarines and the Zodiacs) and indoor marina's / The Hangar equipment (mini-subs internal transport systems, RIBs slipway systems). Each of the two submarine launch and recovery systems (1x portside, 1x starboard) has a winch with load capacity 13 tonnes plus a telescopic crane (load capacity 1 tonne).

    The two submersibles (model "U-Boat Worx-Cruise Sub 7") are 7-person (fitted with 6 revolving seats for passengers plus 1 seat for the pilot) and feature spherical windows (for 270-degree views), max speed 8 knots (15 kph / 9 mph), max diving depth 100 m (330 ft).

    The vessel Viking Octantis (IMO number 9863194, VARD yard/hull number 906) was launched/floated out from drydock on December 22, 2020, at VARD Tulcea  Shipyard (Romania). The unfinished boat was then moved to the yard's outfitting dock for further construction and interior build-out. Following final outfitting, the ship was towed to VARD Soviknes Shipyard (in Alesund Norway).

    The ship was delivered in Soviknes on December 22, 2021. The delivery ceremony was attended by Giuseppe Bono (Fincantieri's CEO). The unofficial christening was held on April 18, 2022, dockside at Manhattan Cruise Terminal in NYC (New York USA). The official ship naming ceremony was on September 30, 2022 (in NYC). Godmother Liv Arnesen offered her blessing remotely (via real-time live streaming) from Amsterdam (Netherlands) where was officially christened Viking Polaris. The dual christening event was marked by Viking's 25th Anniversary celebrations.

    The ship's Great Lakes inaugural season started on May 6, 2022, with its arrival in Port Milwaukee (Wisconsin). In 2022, Viking Octantis was homeported in Milwaukee for a total of 33x departures.

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