Qatar's Doha Port receives 5,613 passengers onboard MSC World Europa

   March 26, 2023 ,   Cruise Industry

Doha Port (Qatar) received the MSC World Europa cruise ship on Thursday, March 23rd, carrying 5613 tourists plus 2121 crew/staff.

They were joined by 555 tourists from Doha on a new itinerary to a number of tourist stops in the region.

This was the 30th visit for the ship during the 2022-2023 cruise season that will last till April.

Operated by the Switzerland-based MSC Cruises, MSC World Europa is Malta-flagged and registered in Valletta.

MSC World Europa is among the most innovative and eco-friendly liners in the company's fleet, featuring the latest technologies that are energy efficient and reduce carbon emissions.

The 22-deck liner can accommodate 6782 guests at full occupancy/all berths.

Qatar's cruise sector has contributed to strengthening the position of the country as a leading destination for cruise tourism in the area.

The sector supports national economic growth by increasing tourism spending/providing more business and employment opportunities.

Port of Doha Qatar

Image: Port of Doha Qatar

The cruise sector of Qatar has recorded significant growth since the launch of the 2021-2022 cruise season after it was halted due to the COVID crisis.

Doha Port received ~8000 visitors in December 2022, mostly from Italy and Russia.

In the previous season, the total number of visitors was 100,500 passengers.