Uniworld unveils 2024 itineraries including world's longest river cruise tour

   May 22, 2023 ,   Cruise Industry

Uniworld Boutique River Cruises is expanding its long-haul program for 2024 by introducing 3 new brochures that highlight extraordinary journeys and a selection of new exotic itineraries.

The Spectacular Journeys brochure series offers a combination of elegant river cruising, luxury touring, and immersive experiences in some of the world's most breathtaking destinations, ranging from the Peruvian Amazon to the Red Sea.

The new e-brochures include:

  • Spectacular Journeys of the World: This 108-page brochure introduces immersive land experiences to existing itineraries. For example, the Timeless Wonders of Vietnam, Cambodia & the Mekong itinerary now includes a visit to Halong Bay, while the Splendours of Egypt & The Nile itinerary incorporates a stop in Sharm El Sheikh & The Red Sea.
  • Spectacular Journeys in India: This bespoke brochure focuses on Uniworld's India itineraries, including an option to extend classic India's Golden Triangle & the Sacred Ganges itinerary to include the wonders of Varanasi. It also highlights the increased capacity for the newly launched The Sacred Ganges & the Maharajas' Express.
  • 2024 Rivers of the World: This brochure celebrates Uniworld's second world cruise, the "2024 Rivers of the World" itinerary. Spanning an epic 54 nights, this journey traverses ten countries and three continents across South America, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Travelers will experience the trip aboard 4 Super Ships.

Brochures 2024 demonstrate Uniworld's commitment to offering unique and unforgettable travel experiences, combining luxury, adventure, culture, and relaxation for discerning travelers seeking exceptional journeys.

The river cruise experiences have been enhanced with remarkable extensions that offer a range of highlights. These include:

  • On the Splendours of Egypt & The Nile with Jordan itinerary, travelers can participate in a unique Make Travel Matter experience in Jordan. They will have the opportunity to explore how Jordanian women sustain their livelihoods through traditional handicrafts at the Iraq al-Amir Women's Cooperative.
  • In Varanasi, a spiritual city, guests on India's Golden Triangle & the Sacred Ganges with Varanasi tour can witness the renowned ghats washing ritual and observe artisans engaging in silk weaving, creating colorful scarves. These experiences provide a deeper understanding of the city's culture and traditions.
  • For those embarking on the Timeless Wonders of Vietnam, Cambodia & the Mekong with Ha Long Bay itinerary, they can explore the stunning turquoise natural lagoons and partake in kayaking adventures amidst the majestic landscapes of Ha Long Bay. The tour also offers the opportunity to visit Viet Hai Village, interact with the locals, and even enjoy a visit to Castaway Island.
  • Travelers on the Splendours of Egypt & The Nile with Sharm El Sheikh & The Red Sea journey can experience the pristine white sandy beaches and vibrant coral reefs of the Red Sea. The itinerary also includes historical tours to St. Catherine's Monastery, a UNESCO site, and a luxurious stay at the opulent Sharm El Sheikh Four Seasons resort.

As well as the introduction of the new journeys, there will be increased departures for popular extended itineraries like The Sacred Ganges & the Maharajas’ Express cruise & rail journey, new for the UK market in 2024.

Uniworld 2024 World Cruise

Uniworld's 54-night/55-day "2024 Rivers of the World" itinerary (October 3 to November 26, 2024) is a B2B/back-to-back cruise (max capacity 68 passengers) grouping 4 ships and visiting ports in 10 countries and on 3 continents (South America, Europe, Southeast Asia).

The world's currently longest river voyage starts with the ship Aria Amazon (32 passengers) in South America. The 16-day Peruvian Amazon itinerary visits destinations in 3 countries (Peru, Argentina, Brazil). The segment ends with a flight from Brazil (on October 18th) to Holland (arrival on October 19th).

The second segment starts with the ship SS Beatrice in Holland/Amsterdam. The 16-day itinerary visits ports in 4 countries (Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Hungary) and includes cruising on 2 rivers (Rhine, Danube). The segment ends with a flight from Hungary/Budapest (on November 3rd) to France/Paris (arrival on November 3rd).

The third segment starts with the ship SS Catherine in France. The 8-day Seine River itinerary visits ports in Burgundy and Provence. The segment ends with a flight from France/Paris (on November 10th) to Vietnam (arrival on November 11th).

The fourth segment starts with the ship Mekong Jewel in Vietnam. The 16-day Mekong River itinerary visits ports in Vietnam and Cambodia. The segment ends in Ho Chi Minh City with included Park Hyatt Saigon hotel stay prior to the home flight.