Scenic Eclipse II superyacht christened dockside in Port Malaga (Spain)

   June 4, 2023 ,   Cruise Industry

On June 3rd, the Scenic Eclipse II superyacht was officially named at a modest dockside ceremony in Port Malaga (Spain). The special event was attended by travel industry professionals, media representatives, VIP guests (local dignitaries, government officials) and cruise passengers.

During the event, Glen Moroney (Scenic Group's owner) disclosed that this luxurious vessel would be the final one of its kind, promising a completely different experience for his next venture.

The guests gathered on the forward Observation Terrace, enjoying champagne and tapas while witnessing the traditional smashing of a bottle against the ship's hull to commemorate the naming. Meanwhile, on the upper walkway of the terminal, a crossover-classical Spanish guitarist performed, creating a contrasting ambiance with the buskers entertaining the people strolling on the dock below. Most locals were unaware of the significant ceremony happening above them, immersed in their evening promenade.

Currently, the ship is in the middle of a 10-day journey from Barcelona to Lisbon. Afterward, she will head north to embark on a polar summer adventure, cruising along the coast of Svalbard.

With the addition of Scenic Eclipse 2, the combined fleet of Scenic and its sister company Emerald Cruises now consists of 23 riverboats and will expand to include four ultra-luxury superyachts when Emerald Sakkara is launched in August 2023.

Scenic Eclipse 2's godmother is Dr. Kathy Sullivan, an astronaut and oceanographer who holds the distinction of being the only person to have both walked in space and descended to the deepest point in the ocean. Her selection aligns perfectly with the cruise line's commitment to exploration.

During the Australian summer of 2023-2024, Scenic Eclipse 2 will be deployed in Antarctica. Following that, she will sail across the Pacific to offer 11-night Kimberley cruises between Darwin and Broome starting on April 30th, 2024.