Man found alive after falling overboard from RCI-Royal Caribbean's Symphony OTS

   October 30, 2023 ,   Accidents

A man fell overboard from RCI-Royal Caribbean International's ship Symphony of the Seas late Sunday night, October 29, while the ship was on a Transatlantic crossing from Europe to the USA, en route from Barcelona to Valencia.

This incident occurred on the first night of a two-week relocation voyage ( to Florida USA, with a scheduled arrival in Port Everglades on November 12th.

When the phrase "Oscar Oscar Oscar" (a code meaning "man overboard") was announced over the PA system, the vessel initiated a turn at 11:30 PM to start the search on Sunday evening.

Approximately an hour later, the ship's Master (Captain Rob Hempstead) made an announcement that the man who fell overboard had been successfully rescued and was receiving medical attention.

As part of the company's safety protocol, RCI instructs passengers to promptly call "man overboard!" and keep their focus on the person in the event of an overboard situation during the safety drill.

It's worth noting that RCI has not released information regarding whether the individual involved was a crew member or passenger, nor have they disclosed details such as the person's gender, age, or the circumstances surrounding the overboard incident.

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