Virgin Voyages Releases Scarlet Lady Room Designs

   February 2, 2019 ,   Cruise Industry

The first cruise line of Richard Branson, Virgin Voyages, released itineraries, and room designs.

The first Virgin ship, Scarlet Lady, launching in 2020 for the adults-only company, will boast an array of over-the-top drinking and dining establishments for adventurous travelers. At the end of the night, guests can look forward to returning to their staterooms, that are "designed for continued reveling."

Every cabin is to be equipped with a custom-designed “Seabed,” described by Virgin as the “first-ever transformational cabin bed at sea.” It is meant to encourage in-room hangouts and eliminates the “unspoken awkwardness of having no place for guests to sit but on the bed."

Scarlet Lady cruise ship

That popular mood lighting which is familiar to those who have flown Virgin America (part of Alaska Airlines), is into play. Cabin lights automatically adjust to “enhance the time of day based on where the ship is in the world.”

The vessel, that will boast a “no tipping” policy, has 1,330 staterooms and 78 “RockStar” suites, with 93% of cabins offering an ocean view, and 86% featuring a terrace.

There are also special staterooms for groups, which have 4 “chalet-style” bunk beds, and rooms designed with solo travelers in mind.

For more information on cabin categories, standard/complimentary amenities and services, and suite perks see at Scarlet Lady staterooms.