Carnival Dream Cancels Mexico Itinerary Due to Speed Related Issues

   August 29, 2019 ,   Accidents

Carnival Cruise Line's ship, Carnival Dream, canceled her Mexico itinerary due to speed-related issues. 

A technical issue cropped up over the vessel’s maximum cruising speed. It affected the last leg of Dream's 5-day voyage from Galveston TX. The cruise ship departed from Galveston port on August 24.

Passengers onboard the ship said they had noticed that Carnival Dream had been facing an issue with her cruising speed. Despite the repairs, the problem is persisting.

Carnival's Dream ship also canceled the scheduled visit to Progreso on Wednesday, August 28, and proceeded with day sailing.

Carnival Dream cruise ship

Since the vessel is cruising at a slower speed, she chose to skip Progreso in order to be on time for her scheduled arrival on August 29. Dream’s next voyage is on August 29 - a 4-day trip to Galveston with a visit to Cozumel.

It is hoped that the problem will be cured during turn around and would not impact the upcoming sailings.

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