Royal Caribbean crew overboard from Jewel Of The Seas

   May 3, 2020 ,   Accidents

On May 1, 2020, the Jewel Of The Seas ship's Master (Captain Lis Lauritzen, 1971-born Danish female) announced via the PA (public address) system that a male crew has gone overboard and that local (Greek) authorities had been notified.

Jewel Of The Seas cruise ship (Royal Caribbean)

The incident occurred while the Royal Caribbean-owned vessel Jewel OTS was in Greece's territorial waters and drifting at sea (in the Saronic Gulf, Aegean Sea) between Poros Island and Attica Peninsula (mainland Greece, south of Athens).

The 26-year-old man (from Poland) worked on the cruise liner as an electrician. He went missing on late-night April 30th. Followed a Charlie drill for the entire crew (code Charlie on cruise ships signifies "security threat") but the thorough shipwide search failed to find him. Later, the review of the onboard CCTV cameras revealed that the man intentionally jumped overboard from Deck 12 (Sports Deck).

The Hellenic Coast Guard conducted a search and rescue operation by deploying 4x CG vessels (2x ships, 1x lifeboat, 1x aircraft) but the body was not found. The closest land to Jewel OTS was at approx 10 nm (~12 mi / 20 km). Water temperature in the area is ~62 F (17 C).

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