Cadiz' Navantia Shipyard drydocks Celebrity Infinity ship for 16 days

   February 18, 2021 ,   Cruise Industry

Navantia Shipyard (in Cadiz Spain) received the Celebrity Cruises' ship Celebrity Infinity for conventional drydocking scheduled to last 16 days.

The 2001-built cruise liner will receive new sliders, echo sounders, general maintenance and technical works, revision of the propulsion system, inspection of a propeller and the fins (stabilizers), steel hull repairs and complete painting, inspection of the lifeboats, logistics assistance.

Celebrity Infinity cruise ship

Celebrity Infinity is in Navantia's Dock 4, where will be subjected to those actions, in 24-hour shifts without interruption, for which ~275 workers in the morning and afternoon shift and ~75 in the night shift is estimated.