Makaryev Monastery (Russia)

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Makaryev Monastery cruise port

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min: 57 °F (13 °C) / max: 63 °F (18 °C) 59°F
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Min / Max Temperature63 °F / 18 °C
57 °F / 14 °C
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Makarievo is a Volga River cruise port and village popular for the nearby Zheltovodsky Makaryev monastery. This is a convent founded in 1435 by monk Makarii. It was built on the border between Russia and Kazan Khanate (Bulgarian-Tatar state). In 1439, the monastery was burnt and most monks were killed. Makarii was taken prisoner but was soon released under the condition not to renew the monastery in the same place. He and the remaining monks went to Kostroma forests and at the river, Unzhu founded a new convent.

Makaryev Monastery (Russia) river cruise port

In 1620, monk Avraamy (from Tetyushinsky) revived the monastery in its original place, building a wooden church (Trinity) there. In 1622 was built the wooden Assumption Church. In the second half of the century the monastery was rebuilt in stone - Assumption Church (in 1651) and the 5-domed Trinity Cathedral (in 1658), in the period 1662-1667 were built the stone walls with wooden towers.

In 1816 the whole complex was devasted by fire. In the period 1868-1883, the monastery was abolished. In 1883 it was opened as a female convent (run by nuns). In 1927 it was liquidated by the Bolsheviks and later used as an orphanage and veterinarian school.

The Makaryev Monastery was reopened in 1991 and operational since then as a female convent (officially "Zheltovodsky Makaryev Convent of Holy Trinity"). It is part of Nizhny Novgorod diocese. The other "monastery" river cruise port in Russia is Goritsy.

Makaryev Monastery cruise terminal

Among the Russian cruise ships visiting Makaryev Monastery are the VODOHOD-owned boats MS Korotkov, MS Kuchkin, MS Gorky, MS Nizhny Novgorod, MS Frunze, MS Budyonny.

Departure ports are Nizhny NovgorodVolgogradKazanSaratovSamaraMoscow. Makarievo is visited on the following river cruise itineraries:

  • Moscow-Kineshma-Cheboksary-Moscow (10-day)
  • Moscow-Kazan-Moscow (11-day)
  • Moscow-Kazan-Ulyanovsk-Moscow (12-day)
  • Saratov-Novgorod-Saratov (8-day)
  • Volgograd-Novgorod-Volgograd (10-day)
  • Kazan-St Petersburg-Kazan (18-day)
  • Kazan-Makarievo-Novgorod-Kazan (4-day)
  • Samara-Novgorod-Perm-Samara (12-day)
  • Samara-Novgorod-Samara (6-day)
  • Samara-Bulgar-Novgorod-Samara (6-day)
  • Novgorod-Makarievo-Novgorod (2-day)
  • Novgorod-Cheboksary-Novgorod (3-day)
  • Novgorod-Kazan-Novgorod (4-day)
  • Novgorod-Yelabuga-Novgorod (5-day)
  • Novgorod-Samara-Novgorod (6-day)
  • Novgorod-Yelabuga-Ulyanovsk-Novgorod (6-day)
  • Novgorod-Perm-Novgorod (9-day)
  • Novgorod-Volgograd-Novgorod (10-11-day)
  • Novgorod-Perm-Samara-Novgorod (13-day)
  • Novgorod-Astrakhan-Novgorod (13-day)
  • Novgorod-Rostov on Don-Novgorod (16-day)
  • Novgorod-Perm-Volgograd-Novgorod (16-day)

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