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00:52 15 Nov 2018

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Volgograd is a Volga River cruise port and city in southwestern Russia, previoulsy named Tsaritsin (1589–1925) and Stalingrad (1925-1961). The city is located on the river's western bank and by population (over 1 million) is ranked Russia's 15th largest.

Volgograd (Russia) river cruise port

The city became famous worldwide for its resistance during the Battle of Stalingrad (August 1942 through February 1943) when was surrounded by Germany's 6th Army during WW2 (1939-1945). Battle of Stalingrad is regarded world's largest and bloodiest battle, in which participated nearly 2,2 million people and around 2 million were killed, wounded or captured. Since 2013, for 9 days every year Volgograd is officially referred to as "Stalingrad".

City's current economy is based on Industries like shipbuilding, oil refining, steel-aluminum-chemical production, machinery-vehicles manufacturing. The city is a major junction on the Privolzhskaya Railway, linking it directly with Moscow; Saratov; Astrakhan; Ukraine (Donbas), Caucasus, Siberia.

Volgograd is at Volga–Don Canal's east end. The 1952-opened canal has length 101 km (63 ml) and links Volaga and Don rivers. Europe's longest route (E40) connects Calais (France) with Ridder (Kazakhstan) and passes through Volgograd. Also through the city passes M6 highway (Moscow to Caspian Sea). The River Station (terminal) serves local passenger shipping along the river. Volgograd International Airport connects the city via direct flights with major Russian cities, Turkey (Antalya), Armenia (Yerevan) and Kazakhstan (Aktau). Public transportation includes light rail (aka metrotram), buses, trolleys, trams.

Volgograd cruise terminal

Among the Russian cruise ships visiting Volgograd are the VODOHOD-owned boats MS Kuchkin, MS Suvorov, MS Korotkov, MS Budyonny.

Departure ports are SaratovAstrakhanNizhny NovgorodKazanSamara, PermRostov-on-DonMoscowSt Petersburg. The VODOVOD-operated routes (excluding itineraries through Volgograd) are:

  • Saratov-Volgograd-Saratov (3-day cruisetour)
  • Volgograd-Kalyazin-Moscow (2 days)-Tver-Volgograd (19-day cruisetour)
  • Volgograd-Novgorod-Volgograd (10-day cruisetour)
  • Volgograd-Astrakhan-Volgograd (4-day cruisetour)
  • Samara-Volgograd-Samara (5-day cruisetour)
  • Novgorod-Perm-Volgograd-Novgorod (16-day cruisetour)
  • Novgorod-Volgograd-Novgorod (11-day cruisetour)
  • Volgograd-Moscow (2 days)-Volgograd (18-day cruisetour)
  • Volgograd-Moscow (10-day cruisetour)
  • Moscow-Volgograd (8-day cruisetour)
  • Volgograd-Yaroslavl-Tutaev-Volgograd (13-day cruisetour)
  • Volgograd-Rostov-Volgograd (7-day cruisetour)
  • Volgograd-Rostov-Astrakhan-Volgograd (10-day cruisetour)
  • Kazan-Volgograd-Kazan (7-day cruisetour)
  • Volgograd-Uglich-Volgograd (14-day cruisetour)
  • Volgograd-St Petersburg (2 days)-Volgograd (22-day cruisetour)
  • Volgograd-St Petersburg, and St Petersburg-Volgograd (11-day cruisetour)
  • Volgograd-Perm-Volgograd (13-day cruisetour)

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