Kazan (Tatarstan, Russia)

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Kazan cruise port

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22:27 17 Nov 2018

55.77677 N, 49.08863 E

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Kazan (Казан) is a Volga River cruise port, as well as the largest city and capital of Tatarstan (one of Russia's republics). By population (around 1,2 million) the city is ranked Russia's 8th largest. It is located at the confluence of the rivers Volga and Kazanka.

Kazan (Russia) river cruise port

City's main tourist attractions are Kazan Kremlin and Kazan Riviera. Kazan Kremlin is a citadel built by Tzar Ivan Grozny (1547-1584) on the ruins of the khans castle. Kazan Kremlin includes the buildings Annunciation Cathedral (orthodox church with 6 piers and 5 apses), Soyembika Tower, Spasskaya Tower, Secret Tower, snow-white towers and walls, Qol-Sarif mosque, Governor's House (Tatarstan's presidential palace). Since 2000, the city is being constantly renovated and rebuilt (including Kazan Kremlin), and in 2005 was celebrated its 1000th anniversary.

Kazan is one of Russia's largest industrial and financial centers, ranked Russia's 3rd by total banking capital. Main industries are: mechanical engineering, chemical and petrochemical industries, food processing, aircraft (engines plant, aircraft production factory). Here is Russia's largest IT-park.

The city is served by Kazan International Airport (approx 26 km / 16 ml from downtown). Railways connect Kazan to Moscow, Ulyanovsk, Yoshkar-Ola, Yekaterinburg. Federal highway link it to Moscow and Ufa, Orenburg, Ulyanovsk and Igra, as well as to Northern Europe and Western China.

Kazan cruise terminal

Among the Russian cruise ships visiting Kazan are the VODOHOD-owned boats MS Pushkin, MS Kuchkin, MS Novgorod, MS Gorky, MS Suvorov, MS Frunze, MS Budyonny.

Departure ports are SaratovVolgogradPermNizhny NovgorodCheboksaryAstrakhan, SamaraRostov-on-DonMoscowSt Petersburg. The VODOVOD-operated routes (excluding itineraries through Kazan) are:

  • Novgorod-Kazan-Novgorod (4-5-day cruisetour)
  • Kazan-Moscow (6-day cruisetour)
  • Moscow-Kazan (5-6-day cruisetour)
  • Moscow-Kazan-Moscow (11-day cruisetour)
  • Moscow-Kazan-Ulyanovsk-Moscow, and Moscow-Kazan-Yelabuga-Moscow (12-day cruisetour)
  • Kazan-Kalyazin-Moscow (2 days)-Tver-Kazan (12-day cruisetour)
  • Kazan-Kalyazin-Moscow (6-day cruisetour)
  • Kazan-Yelabuga-Moscow (8-day cruisetour)
  • Novgorod-Kazan-Yelabuga-Novgorod (6-day cruisetour)
  • Samara-Togliatti-Tetyushi-Bulgarians-Kazan-Sviyazhsk-Ulyanovsk-Volga Cliff-Samara( (5-day cruisetour)
  • Kazan-Astrakhan-Bulgarians-Kazan (10-day cruisetour)
  • Kazan-Astrakhan-Kazan (10-11-day cruisetour)
  • St Petersburg-Samara-Ulyanovsk-Kazan-St Petersburg (17-day cruisetour)
  • St Petersburg-Kazan (7-day cruisetour)
  • Kazan-Karelia-St Petersburg (2 days)-Kazan (17-day cruisetour)
  • Kazan-Samara (3-day cruisetour)
  • Kazan-Samara-Kazan (3-day cruisetour)
  • Kazan-Samara-Ulyanovsk-Kazan (4-day cruisetour)
  • Kazan-Mariinsky Posad-Novgorod-Kazan (4-day cruisetour)
  • Kazan-Volgograd-Bulgarians-Kazan (7-day cruisetour)
  • Kazan-Volgograd-Kazan (7-day cruisetour)
  • Kazan-St Petersburg-Kazan (18-day cruisetour)
  • Kazan-St Petersburg (8-day cruisetour)
  • Kazan-Rostov-Astrakhan-Kazan (16-day cruisetour)
  • Kazan-Rostov-Kazan (14-day cruisetour)
  • Kazan-Makaryevo-Novgorod-Kazan (4-day cruisetour)
  • Kazan-Perm-Samara-Kazan (10-day cruisetour)
  • Kazan-Cheboksary (Yoshkar-Ola)-Novgorod-Kazan (4-day cruisetour)
  • Samara-Kazan-Cheboksary-Samara (4-day cruisetour)
  • Kazan-Perm-Kazan (7-day cruisetour)
  • Kazan-Uglich-Myshkin-Kazan (8-day cruisetour)
  • Moscow-Kazan-Novgorod (7-day cruisetour)

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