Cheboksary (Chuvashia, Russia)

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Cheboksary cruise port

Russia Rivers

56.14866 N, 47.25671 E

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Cheboksary is a Volga RIver cruise port and the capital city of Chuvashia (Russia). The city has population around 470,000 (Chuvashia's total population is around 1,25 million).

Cheboksary (Russia) river cruise port

The city is located on the shore of an artificial lake (Cheboksary Reservoir, total area 2190 km2, max depth 35 m) built in the central part of Volga River. The settlement was officially established in 1555, when the Russians built here a fortress. By the end of 17th century, the town was a major commercial centre, which town status was granted in 1781. City's current population consists of Chuvash (62%) and Russians (34%). Major tourist attractions in the city are numerous theaters, Cheboksary Bay (in the middle of the city), beaches along Volga River, Russia's only beer museum.

Here is headquartered the Concern Tractor Plants - one of the world's largest heavy machine building company. It produces industrial, military, agricultural, railway and construction machinery, including tractors, harvesting, components, spare parts. Cheboksary Airport is an international airport serving both cargo and passenger aircraft, with regularly scheduled flights to Moscow and other domestic destinations. City's public transportation is among the best in Russia, consisting of numerous trolley, bus and minibus lines. However, the most popular means of transportation are taxis.

Cheboksary (Russia) river cruise port

Cheboksary is a frequent port of call on many cruise ship itineraries along Volga River. To the south are located the cruise port cities Volgograd, Rostov-on-Don, Astrakhan, Caspian Sea, Black Sea. To the west are Nizhny Novgorod, Yaroslavl, Moscow. River-sea freight vessels allow cargo shipping from Chuvash ports to St Petersburg (Baltic Sea), Novorossiysk (Black Sea) and via Black Sea - to ports on Danube River. Unfortunately, these routes are navigable only between April and December as Volga River freezes during winter.

Cheboksary cruise terminal

Among the Russian cruise ships visiting Cheboksary are the VODOHOD-owned boats MS Kuchkin, MS Suvorov, MS Korotkov, MS Budyonny, MS Gorky, MS Kuchkin, MS Frunze.

Departure ports are SaratovAstrakhanNizhny NovgorodKazanSamaraRostov-on-DonVolgograd, Moscow. The VODOVOD-operated routes (excluding itineraries through Cheboksary) are:

  • Moscow-Kineshma-Cheboksary-Moscow (10-day cruisetour)
  • Novgorod-Cheboksary-Moscow (7-day cruisetour)
  • Cheboksary-Rostov on Don-Cheboksary (14-day cruisetour)
  • Novgorod-Cheboksary-Novgorod (3-day cruisetour)
  • Samara-Cheboksary-Mariinskiy Posad-Samara (5-day cruisetour)
  • Kazan-Cheboksary-Novgorod-Kazan (4-day cruisetour)
  • Volgograd-Kazan-Cheboksary-Volgograd (9-day cruisetour)
  • Saratov-Kazan-Cheboksary-Saratov (7-day cruisetour)
  • Samara-Kazan-Cheboksary-Samara (4-day cruisetour)

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