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Samara cruise port

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22:12 16 Nov 2018

53.21564 N, 50.12452 E

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Samara (previously known as Kuybyshev) is a Volga River cruise port and Russia's 6th largest city by population (around 1,2 million, metro over 3 million). It is located on the river's east bank, at the confluence of Volga and Samara River.

Samara (Russia) river cruise port

In the period 1935-1991, the city was named "Kuybyshev" (Куйбышев). Samara is one of European Russia's most important political, economic and industrial cities. City's long and beautiful riverfront is considered one of the country's most popular recreation places for tourists.

City's economy is based on industrial productions - aerospace launch vehicles, satellites. Well developed are space services (here is the Progress research and rocket production center), rocket engines (Kuznetsov Design Bureau), cables (Volgacable), aircraft (Aviakor), rolled aluminum, power stations block-module manufacturing, also chemical and cryogenic products; gas-pumping equipment; bearings, drilling bits; automated electrical and airfield equipment, truck-mounted cranes, construction materials, food processing, vodka production (the brands Rodnik and Vektor).

Samara is served by Kurumoch International Airport (domestic and Central Asia flights, direct flights to Frankfurt, Prague, Helsinki, Dubai). Direct rail lines link to Moscow and other large cities. Samara is also a major river port. M5 Highway links to Moscow and Ural. City's public transportation includes Metro, trams, buses, trolley, commuter trains.

Samara cruise terminal

Among the Russian cruise ships visiting Samara are the VODOHOD-owned boats MS Kuchkin, MS Novgorod, MS Belinsky, MS Suvorov, MS Frunze, MS Budyonny.

Departure ports are SaratovVolgogradPermNizhny NovgorodKazanAstrakhanRostov-on-DonMoscowSt Petersburg. The VODOVOD-operated routes (excluding itineraries through Samara) are:

  • Samara-Volgograd-Samara (5-day cruisetour)
  • Samara-St Petersburg (3 days)-Karelia-Samara  (20-day cruisetour)
  • Samara-St Petersburg (10-day cruisetour)
  • St. Petersburg-Samara (9-day cruisetour)
  • Samara-Togliatti-Tetyushi-Bulgarians-Kazan-Sviyazhsk-Ulyanovsk-Volga Cliff-Samara (5-day cruisetour)
  • Samara-Novgorod (4-day cruisetour)
  • St Petersburg-Samara-Ulyanovsk-Kazan-St. Petersburg (17-day cruisetour)
  • Novgorod-Samara-Novgorod (6-day cruisetour)
  • Samara-Novgorod-Perm-Samara (12-day cruisetour)
  • Samara-Astrakhan-Samara (8-day cruisetour)
  • Perm-Samara (5-day cruisetour)
  • Kazan-Samara (3-day cruisetour)
  • Samara-Novgorod-Samara (5-day cruisetour)

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