Carnival Elation deck 9 plan (Promenade)

Deck layout and review

Review of Carnival Elation deck 9 (Promenade)

  • Mikado Theater (level 2)
  • Video Arcade is open 24 hours for both kids and adults. The Arcade is supervised by dedicated staff and has foosball (air hockey) tables, photo kiosk, a total of 13 machines (popular arcade and merchandising games /incl skeeball). All machines are coinless (payable via S&S cards only). Playing costs between $0,75 – $2 (most are $1 per game). The daily arcade play limit ($75 pp) can be adjusted by parents/guardians upon request. Among the available for playing games are Redemption Games (E-ticket rewards are loaded to the S&S card and at any time can be redeemed for prizes /self-serve prize hub in the arcade), Self-Merchandisers (games of skill /electronic prizes at the machine), latest arcades (car-racing, dance, bike simulators, first-person shooters).
  • Photo Gallery & Shop (photo-video services, equipment, accessories)
  • Sushi Bar (complimentary, open open 5-8:15pm)
  • Club O2 (teens only venue, movies, video games, karaoke, parties, booking teens only cruise shore excursion)
  • Casablanca Casino (capacity 450 seats, slots, gaming tables, gambling tournaments, classes), served by the Drama Bar (38 seats)
  • Elation’s Way Promenade & Bar (capacity 230 seats), Jewelry Shop
  • Musical Cafe (72 seats patisserie and specialty coffee bar)
  • Romeo & Juliet Lounge & Bar (109 seats, with dance floor, karaoke)
  • Jekyll & Hyde Disco & Nightclub (capacity 230 seats Dance Club with own bar, DJ program)
  • Conference Room (70 seats)
  • Gatsby’s Great Bar (92 seats cigar bar/smoking lounge with piano)
  • Cole Porter Club Lounge & Bar (aft location, capacity 540 seats, with dance floor, stage for live performances; hosts art auctions, Punchliner Comedy Club/brunch shows, Karaoke, seminars)
  • Serenity is the ship’s adults-only retreat for passengers 21+ yo. This is an aft-location outdoor area with 2 whirlpools (large-size outdoor hot tubs), an exclusive sundeck for relaxation and sunbathing (furnished with padded wicker chaise lounges, umbrellas), a separate shaded seating area (with plush wicker sofas, chairs and tables). The adult deck is complimentary (free entry) and accessible at any time. Access is through the Cole Porter Lounge or via stairs from the lido buffet’s outdoor areas. The whirlpools are available between 8 am – 10 pm only. Hours may vary depending on cruise itinerary, portdays/seadays, weather. Serenity Deck is served with drinks and food by the Tiffany’s buffet restaurant on Lido Deck above.