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Grand Suite

Layout (floor plan)

Carnival Horizon Grand Suite  floor plan
Max passengers:4
Staterooms number:8
Cabin size:345 ft2 / 32 m2
Balcony size:85 ft2 / 8 m2
Location (on decks):midship on deck 7-Empress
Type (categories):(GS) Grand Suite

Ocean Suite

Layout (floor plan)

Carnival Horizon Ocean Suite  floor plan
Max passengers:2 (SS), 3 (JS), 4 (OS)
Staterooms number:46
Cabin size:275 ft2 / 26 m2
Balcony size:OS-SS (65 ft2 / 6 m2), JS (35 ft2 / 3 m2)
Location (on decks):7-Empress (OS), 9-Vista (JS), 11-Panorama (SS), 14-Sun (SS)
Type (categories):(OS) Ocean Suite, (SS) Cloud 9 Spa Suite, (JS) Junior Suite

Havana Cabana Suite

Layout (floor plan)

Carnival Horizon Havana Cabana Suite  floor plan
Max passengers:4
Staterooms number:4
Cabin size:260 ft2 / 24 m2
Balcony size:100 ft2 / 9 m2
Location (on decks):aft on deck 5-Promenade
Type (categories):(HS) Havana Cabana Suite

Special amenities offered in Carnival Havana Cabana cabins include:

  • convertible to King-size twin beds
  • bathrobes, premium lines, duvets, rain shower head
  • lounge furniture (sofabed, low table), patio furniture (2 chairs, 1 table)
  • convenient deck location (close to Havana Bar, Havana Pool, Havana Lounge)
  • daily (until 5 pm) exclusive access to Havana Pool and Lounge
  • reserved Lanai Deck area (1 hammock, 2 sunloungers)
  • Kids must be at least 12 years of age.
  • Note: 9 m2 (100 ft2) is actually the size of cabin's patio section.

Cove Balcony Family Harbor Suite

Layout (floor plan)

Carnival Horizon Cove Balcony Family Harbor Suite  floor plan
Max passengers:5
Staterooms number:16
Cabin size:275 ft2 / 26 m2
Balcony size:65 ft2 / 6 m2
Location (on decks):midship-aft on deck 2-Main
Type (categories):(FS) Family Harbor Suite with Cove Balcony

Premium Vista Balcony Cabin

Layout (floor plan)

Carnival Horizon Premium Vista Balcony Cabin  floor plan
Max passengers:2
Staterooms number:14
Cabin size:185 ft2 / 17 m2
Balcony size:75 ft2 / 7 m2
Location (on decks):aft on decks 6-Upper (HL, HM), 7-Empress (HM), 8-Verandah, 9-Vista
Type (categories):(HL-Havana Premium, HM-Havana Premium Vista, 9B-Premium, 9C-Premium Vista) Balcony cabins

Havana Balcony Cabin

Layout (floor plan)

Carnival Horizon Havana Balcony Cabin  floor plan
Max passengers:2, 4 (HE-Cabana)
Staterooms number:43 (including 23x HE-Cabana)
Cabin size:185 ft2 / 17 m2
Balcony size:HI (60 ft2 / 6 m2), HL-HM (75 ft2 / 7 m2), HE-Cabana (100 ft2 / 9 m2)
Location (on decks):5-Promenade (HE-Cabana), 6-Upper, 7-Empress
Type (categories):(HM) Havana Premium Vista Balcony, (HL) Havana Premium Balcony, (HI) Havana Aft Extended Balcony, (HE) Havana Cabana cabins

Special amenities offered in all Carnival Havana Cabana cabins include:

  • convertible to King-size twin beds
  • bathrobes, premium lines, duvets
  • lounge furniture (sofabed, low table), patio furniture (2 chairs, 1 table, 1 hammock)
  • convenient deck location (close to Havana Bar, Havana Pool, Havana Lounge)
  • daily (until 5 pm) exclusive access to Havana Lounge and Pool (reserved deckchairs)
  • reserved Lanai Deck area (2 sunloungers)
  • Kids must be at least 12 years of age.

Balcony Cabin

Layout (floor plan)

Carnival Horizon Balcony Cabin  floor plan
Max passengers:4
Staterooms number:753
Cabin size:185 ft2 / 17 m2
Balcony size:35 ft2 / 3 m2
Location (on decks):6-Upper, 7-Empress, 8-Verandah, 9-Vista, 10-Lido, 11-Panorama (8P), 12-Spa (8S), 14-Sun (8T)
Type (categories):(BL-Guaranteed, 8A, 8C, 8D, 8E, 8F, 8G) Standard Balcony, (8P, 8S, 8T) Cloud 9 Spa Balcony cabins

Cove Balcony Family Harbor Cabin

Layout (floor plan)

Carnival Horizon Cove Balcony Family Harbor Cabin  floor plan
Max passengers:4
Staterooms number:96 (including 4x FM and 10x FO / Family Harbor)
Cabin size:FM (275 ft2 / 26 m2), FO (220 ft2 / 20 m2), 7C (185 ft2 / 17 m2)
Balcony size:FM-FO (65 ft2 / 6 m2), 7C (45 ft2 / 4 m2)
Location (on decks):2-Main (FM-FO-aft, 7C-midship)
Type (categories):(FM-Cove Balcony, FO-Aft Extended Balcony) Family Harbor Balcony staterooms

Deluxe Oceanview Family Cabin

Layout (floor plan)

Carnival Horizon Deluxe Oceanview Family Cabin  floor plan
Max passengers:5
Staterooms number:215 (including 26x FJ-Family Harbor)
Cabin size:230 ft2 / 21 m2
Balcony size:none
Location (on decks):1-Riviera, 2-Main (FJ), 3-Lobby
Type (categories):(6L, 6M, FJ-Family Harbor) Deluxe Oceanview cabins for families with kids

Oceanview Cabin

Layout (floor plan)

Carnival Horizon Oceanview Cabin  floor plan
Max passengers:4
Staterooms number:39 (including 6x FE-Family Harbor)
Cabin size:220 ft2 / 20 m2
Balcony size:none
Location (on decks):1-Riviera, 2-Main (FE), 11-Panorama (6S-Spa), 14-Sun (6T-Spa)
Type (categories):(OV-Guaranteed, 6A, 6B, 6S-6T-Cloud 9 Spa, FE-Family Harbor) Oceanview / Outside cabins

Porthole Cabin

Layout (floor plan)

Carnival Horizon Porthole Cabin  floor plan
Max passengers:4
Staterooms number:6
Cabin size:170 ft2 / 16 m2
Balcony size:none
Location (on decks):1-Riviera, 2-Main
Type (categories):(PT) Porthole Window Cabin

Walkway View Interior Cabin

Layout (floor plan)

Carnival Horizon Walkway View Interior Cabin  floor plan
Max passengers:4
Staterooms number:23
Cabin size:170 ft2 / 16 m2
Balcony size:none
Location (on decks):6-Upper, 7-Empress, 9-Vista, 10-Lido
Type (categories):(4J) Interior Cabin with Picture Window/walkway view

Interior Cabin

Layout (floor plan)

Carnival Horizon Interior Cabin  floor plan
Max passengers:2 (4T, 4S), 3 (4J), 4
Staterooms number:700
Cabin size:170 ft2 / 16 m2
Balcony size:none
Location (on decks):all cabin decks, including 2-Main (FA), 5-Promenade (HA), 7-Empress (HA), 11-Panorama (4S), 12-Spa (4S), 14-Sun (4T)
Type (categories):(4S-4T-Cloud 9 Spa Interior, IS-Guaranteed, 4A, 4B, 4C, 4D, 4E, 4F, 4G, 4H, 4I, FA-Family Harbor, HA-Havana) Interior / Inside cabins

Small Interior Single Cabin

Layout (floor plan)

Carnival Horizon Small Interior Single Cabin  floor plan
Max passengers:2
Staterooms number:20
Cabin size:160 ft2 / 15 m2
Balcony size:none
Location (on decks):1-Riviera
Type (categories):(1A "Lower and Upper") Small Interior / Inside Single cabin with Single-Twin Bed and either Pullman Bed or Sofa Bed

Cloud 9 Spa Staterooms

Layout (floor plan)

Carnival Horizon Cloud 9 Spa Staterooms  floor plan
Max passengers:2, 4 (4S)
Staterooms number:104 (28 Inside, 8 Outside, 62 Balcony, 6 Suite)
Cabin size:4S-4T-8P-8S-8T (185 ft2 / 17 m2), 6S-6T (185-230 ft2 / 17-21 m2), SS (275 ft2 / 26 m2)
Balcony size:8P-8S-8T (35 ft2 / 3 m2), SS (65 ft2 / 6 m2)
Location (on decks):11-Panorama (4S, 6S, 8P, SS), 12-Spa (4S, 8S), 14-Sun (4T, 6T, 8T, SS)
Type (categories):(SS) Suite, (8P, 8S, 8T) Balcony, (6S-6T "Walkway View") Obstructed Oceanview, (4S, 4T) Interior / "Cloud 9 Spa" staterooms

Carnival Horizon cabins review

Carnival Horizon cruise ship has a total of 42 wheelchair-accessible cabins (for disabled passengers) and 104 "Cloud 9 Spa" cabins (28 Inside, 8 Oceanview, 62 Balcony, 6 Suite). The number of all cabin categories is 53.

Connecting rooms ("family cabins") are located on decks 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11. The list of connecting cabins grades includes: Balcony rooms (8A, 8B, 8C, 8D, 8F, and 8G), Cove Balcony (7C, and FM-Family), Oceanview (6A, 6L, 6M, and FE-Family), Interior (4A, 4B, 4C, 4D, 4E, 4F, and FA-Family). Handicap staterooms (42 total) are in categories OS-Ocean Suite (1), Balcony (4), Oceanview (13) and Interior (24).

Follows the review of Carnival Horizon staterooms as amenities, furniture, and complimentary services:

Carnival Horizon Suites (Grand, Ocean, Havana Cabana, Family Harbor Cove, Cloud 9 Spa) have 2 twin beds (convertible to a King-size double bed, pillow menu), dressing area (walk-in closet, vanity table, chair), private bathroom (WC, shower, bathtub, bidet, double sinks, bathrobes), double sofabed, step-out terrace (with padded patio chairs and low tables). All balcony accommodations feature a private balcony with sliding glass doors (table, patio chairs, rail with clear glass panel).

All Carnival Cloud 9 Spa cabins have exclusive access to the Spa facilities on Panorama Deck 11. Their grades are Spa Suite (SS), Spa Balcony (8S, 8P, 8T), Spa Oceanview with obstructed views (6S, 6T) and the Spa Inside cabins (4S and 4T). Carnival Cloud 9 Spa rooms have the following complimentary amenities, services and perks (applicable for two guests per stateroom only): Thermal Suite and Spa Whirlpool (complimentary, unlimited access), 2 fitness classes (complimentary, Yoga or Pilates), 2 metabolism tests (complimentary), 1 Scrub Kit (complimentary, for the Thermal Suite), bathrobes, slippers, deluxe in-room bath amenities (by Elemis - shampoo, conditioner, sharp shower gel, vitamin-rich body lotion, 1 hand and 1 body soap disks), priority Spa reservations (must be made by 6 pm on embarkation day). Passengers booked in Cloud 9 Spa cabins also enjoy Spa treatment discounts while the ship is docked in ports of call - 20% off (1st), 30% off (2nd) and 40% off (3rd treatment).

Premium Vista Balcony cabins are located around the ship's aft corners and have same suite amenities (incl a wrap-around balcony). Extended Balcony cabins are in 2 grades - 8N and 8M (both with aft ship location). These staterooms have 50% larger balconies, 3 closets (in all grades balcony rooms), full bathroom (shower).

Oceanview cabins have a picture window and twin beds don't convert to king when both upper beds are in use. Some have a sofa and/or upper beds (Pullman) for 3rd/4th person. Spa Oceanview rooms are with obstructed views, and some are with upper bed (Pullman) for 4th person.

Inside cabins with windows have either Porthole Window (PT, on decks 1 and 2) or Picture Window (4J, on decks 6, 7, 9 and 10-Lido). Some Porthole cabins have a sofa bed for a 3rd person, some Picture Window rooms have a sofa and/or upper bed (Pullman) for 3rd/4th person. Small Inside cabins have bunk beds (upper/lower Pullman beds), living area (vanity, chair), bathroom (shower).

CCL Horizon ship's family cabins Family Harbor) are in categories FS-Suites, FM-Cove Balcony, FJ-Deluxe Oceanview, FE-Oceanview, FA-Interior. These staterooms for families are designed with larger living areas and bigger capacity (up to 5 passengers) via double sofabeds and additional bunk beds. Family Harbor staterooms are all located near the Family Harbor Lounge - an exclusive entertainment complex for families with 24-hour dining options, concierge service, board- and video games, movies. Children in all Family Harbor categories enjoy complimentary specialty dining (if accompanied by a paying adult) and one per cruise complimentary babysitting (at Night Owls/for up to 3 hours). At Family Harbor are offered self-serve Breakfast (6:30-9:30 am on port days/ 7:30-10:30 am on sea days) that includes deli meats, cereals, pastries, fresh fruits and juices, yogurt, coffee, tea, water. Self-serve afternoon snacks (3-5 pm) include pastries, sandwiches, cookies. Self-serve evening snacks (9-11 pm) include cookies with milk. Family Harbor also has 24-hour machines for ice cream and frozen yogurt.

All categories Havana staterooms (cabins and suites) are advertised as "private island resort" accommodations. All are located near the Havana complex (swimming pool, bar, club lounge). Havana Cabana Suites have a rain shower and a deluxe hammock on the terrace. Havana Cabana staterooms can be booked by families with children ages 12 or older. Cabin amenities include a step-out terrace (patio with 2 deckchairs, 1 low table), reserved Lanai sundeck area (with 2 padded sunloungers/in front of the patio), exclusive access to the Havana complex (including reserved deckchairs). Havana Cabana cabin types include Interior, Balcony, Premium Vista Balcony, Premium Balcony, Aft-View Extended Balcony, Suite.

All Carnival Horizon staterooms offer as standard/complimentary amenities a living area (vanity, seating), smart HDTV (infotainment system, Internet, on-demand-movies, bookings-reservations, Room Service ordering), direct-dial phone, electronic safe box and lifejackets (in the closet), hairdryer, en-suite bathroom (WC-toilet, shower, single sink-vanity, bathrobes, bathroom amenity basket/replenished upon request), custom-made beds (Carnival Comfort Bed System), beach towels, mini-bar/fridge, individual air-conditioning, complimentary 24-hour room service. Bibles (Gideon version) are provided upon request.

USB chargers (combined with power outlets) are located in the cabin's sitting area - right above the vanity desk (underneath its lighted mirror) and not near the beds. The available power plugs are three - two 120 V (3-prong, US standard) and one 220 V (European standard). USB outlets are 5 V (1000 mA). There is one power outlet in the bathroom (used only for electric razors). Guests are allowed to bring their own power strips, extension cords (without surge protectors), AC adapters and multi-plug boxes (powerboards with multiple electrical sockets).

The Carnival’s Sail & Sign card (cashless onboard credit account) doubles as stateroom key. The S&S credit program allows charges on purchases and tips/gratuities directly to a personal account throughout the Carnival cruise. The card has a designated owner and must be utilized for all money transactions on the ship as cash is accepted as a form of payment only at the casino. These cards are provided to all passengers (incl minors) immediately upon boarding the ship. Balance updates are provided at Guest Services desk (at any time). They can also be checked via the interactive TV in each stateroom.

The ship's interactive TV system allows passengers to purchase movies on demand, to order room service and to check the Sail & Sign account's status. The on-demand movie list has approx 25 films available for ordering at USD 5 per movie. Adult-content films cost USD 10 per movie.

Depending on satellite reception (Carnival Horizon location at sea), the complimentary in-cabin TV programming includes the following channels: ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, CNN (Domestic, International, Espanol), TCM (classic movies), cartoons (Boomerang, CN), TNT, TBS. There are 2 complimentary movie channels showing a film every 3 hours (both starting at 12 noon). One shows all-time favorites (PG -13 rated) and the other shows all-time family favorites (G / PG-rated). The following TV channels are Carnival-themed and also complimentary: Fun Finds TV, Cruise Director, Fun Aboard, Park West Art, Shore Tours, Ship Position, live cam views (webcams positioned forward and on lido deck), Audible Funtimes, Photo, Music. Sporting events (ESPN, ESPN 2) are shown only on big screens - at the ship's Sports Bar and Seaside Theatre (not in cabins/suites). All the TV's connection ports are intentionally disabled, which makes it impossible to connect it with personal devices (cameras, DVDs, USBs, iPods, gaming consoles, etc).

Bathroom amenities vary each time, so it's advisable you bring your own. Samples may include toothpaste, mouthwash, dental floss, body lotion, razor, antiacids. There is a wall-mounted dispenser in the shower stall (for liquid soap and shampoo). Electric power outlets are located in the desk/vanity area - one 110 V outlet (3-pronged, USA grounded) and one 220 V outlet (European standard). The bathroom's 2-pin plug can be used only for electric razors.

The new Carnival beds are Europe-manufactured exclusively for the company. The ensemble includes custom pillows (trademarked "New Generation Pillows", 100% cotton), duvet (100% hypoallergenic, ultra-fine, satin-striped), cover, deluxe sheets (high-quality cotton), pillowcases (ultra-fine, satin-striped), 8-inch / 20 cm spring mattresses (trademarked "Carnival Comfort"). Alternative (non-allergenic) bedding is also available. It includes 100% polyester blankets, sheets and pillowcases (60/40 cotton-polyester) and New Generation Pillows (100% cotton). Note: Trundle beds don't have Carnival Comfort mattresses.

Carnival-logoed Beach Towels are provided in each cruise accommodation for passengers to take ashore. Beach towels are also available for purchase (at $22). Bathrobes (2) are provided in all cruise suites and also in "Cloud 9 Spa" cabins/suites. Additional bathrobes are provided upon request. For all other cruise accommodations, bathrobes are provided (upon request) during the turndown service on the first evening. Bathrobes can be purchased at $49 (adult size) and $24 (children sizes /2-4 yo and 6-8 yo).

Life jackets are used in cases of emergency only (not at the ship pools). Lifejackets are located within passenger/crew cabins (in the closet). They are available in 3 sizes - adult, child, and infant.

Each of the cabins has a safe (located in the closet) with approx dimensions (inches/centimeters) - width (10/25), height (9/23) and depth (8/20). Cabin safes can be accessed by any magnetic strip card. It is advisable not to use a valid credit card (or driver's license), but an old expired card (or some rewards card) instead. Some safes are with a keypad (personal code). Safes can be opened also by the ship's security.

All cabin and suite mini-bars are stocked with premium liquors ($6-9,25), beer ($6,25), energy drinks ($5), soft soda/beverages ($2), bottled water ($3,75). In-cabin babysitting is not available (read more at Camp Ocean below). Cribs in cruise cabins are provided complimentary (upon request). In Main Dining Rooms are provided complimentary high chairs and booster seats.

Smoking in cabins/suites and on their balconies is prohibited. On Carnival Horizon, smoking allowed areas (cigarettes /incl electronic cigarettes) are the Casino (designated areas) and Vista Bar (deck 4 lobby bar). Smoking (incl of cigars and tobacco pipes) is allowed on designated outdoor areas on Deck 11 starboard (aft).

Funville@Sea is free of charge Intranet service providing information on onboard activities and events schedule, bar and restaurant menus, deck maps, Fun Times (newspaper), FunAshore (tour guides), Carnival cruise news, itinerary-related weather reports, onboard social network (tracking/messaging other passengers). The complimentary service is available via the Infotainment system (in all cabins) and also at the FunHub stations around the ship.

Current Carnival cruise ship gratuities (per day per person) are USD 12,95 (for standard cabin passengers) and USD 13,95 for suite passengers. The list of perks for all suites includes: priority embarkation/debarkation/tendering (all ports), priority main dining room reservations, complimentary bottled water in cabins, a complimentary bag of laundry (one per cruise), enhanced turndown service.

Since 2017, Carnival Cruise Line offers a new program allowing ship passengers to customize their steward service by choosing to have the cabin serviced in the morning, at night or both (twice a day). All guests can choose from a list of additional cabin amenities, among which are bathrobes, extra pillows, blankets, closet hangers. All guests can also specify how often the bed linens to be changed during the cruise. Your personal preferences can be selected from a services menu card left in each of the ship's staterooms. By default, if you make no selections on the card, your room service steward will service the accommodation twice daily.

Cruise Ship Room Service

In 2016, Carnival Cruise Lines rolled out fleetwide for-fee (chargeable) room service menu, which items can be ordered 24/7. The new menu still has free of charge items - hot and cold sandwiches, salads, desserts, beverages, Continental Breakfast selections. At extra cost (ranging between USD 1,50 and 6) are items that include shrimp, also sushi, pizza, quesadillas, cheesesteaks, chicken wings/tenders, fries. Bar drinks orders through room service are at regular bar menu prices (no extra fee added).

Complimentary room service menu

  • Continental Breakfast (upon request)
  • Sandwiches are served with potato salad, coleslaw, potato chips/pretzels, bread (white, whole wheat, rye, gluten-free). The list of sandwiches includes Tuna Salad, Roast Turkey, Ham & Cheese, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Bacon-Lettuce-Tomato, Grilled Cheese, Grilled Reuben (corned beef, Swiss cheese).
  • Salads - Garden, Caesar, Vegetable Platter (with dips)
  • Desserts - cheesecake, cookies, chocolate cake
  • Beverages - juices (tomato, orange, apple, grapefruit), tea (hot, iced), hot chocolate, milk, soft drinks (club soda, ginger ale, tonic water, coke, and sprite /also diet)
  • Beers - domestic (Budweiser, Bud Light, Miller Lite, Coors Light, Samuel Adams), imported (Heineken, Corona, Stella Artois), also available are beer buckets and wines by the bottle.

For-fee room service menu

The following items are available for ordering 24 hours but are at an additional charge.

  • Chicken Wings ($5) - choice of Honey BBQ, Teriyaki, Garlic Parmesan, Buffalo Sauce, Caribbean Jerk
  • Chicken Tenders ($5) - choice of sauce (BBQ or Honey Mustard)
  • Firecracker Shrimp ($6) - fried with chili ginger, served with fries
  • Chicken Quesadilla ($5)
  • Philly Cheesesteak ($5) - served with fries
  • Pan Pizza ($5) - handmade and baked-to-order (Cheese, Pepperoni, Ham, and Pineapple)
  • French Fries ($1,50), Sweet Potato Fries ($2), Banana Split ($4).

Continental Breakfast room service menu

The following items are available for ordering free of charge.

  • Cereals and Fruits - Banana, Melon, Frosted Flakes, Special K, Raisin Bran, Rice Krispies, Corn Flakes, Fruit Loops, Cheerios, Lucky Charms, Cinnamon Toast Crunch
  • Bakery - toasts (white, wheat, gluten-free), danish pastries, muffins, croissants, bagels
  • Yogurt - plain, strawberry, peach, raspberry
  • Drinks - juices (orange, apple, tomato, grapefruit), hot tea, milk (also skim and chocolate), fresh coffee (regular and decaf)
  • Half-and-half (milk-cream), butter, margarine, cream cheese, jelly (grape, diet, strawberry, guava), honey, orange marmalade.

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