MSC Musica deck 7 plan (Maestoso-Promenade-Casino-Lounge)

Deck layout and review

Review of MSC Musica deck 7 (Maestoso-Promenade-Casino-Lounge)

Teatro La Scala Theatre (level 2 of 2)

Sanremo Casino (capacity 196 seats, size 630 m2, smoking allowed, has slots, gambling tables, Blackjack, Roulette, own full bar)

Card Room (28-seat Texas Hold’Em poker room, next to the Musica’s Casino, size 40 m2)

Library (12 seats, books in different languages, board games, size 40 m2)

Art Gallery (12-seat art exhibitions, auctions, size 200 m2)

Kaito Restaurant (54 seats Japanese specialty restaurant/a la carte menu sushi bar, open for Lunch 12-3 pm and Dinner 7-12 pm, size 150 m2)

Cyber Cafe (18 Internet computers room, open 24-hour, size 128 m2)

L’Enoteca Bar (135 seats wine bar, tapas, wine tastings, live music, size 324 m2)

Havana Club (32 seats cigar and premium liquors bar/smoking lounge, size 140 m2)

Photo Gallery & Shop (photo services, cameras, accessories, size 285 m2)

Crystal Lounge & Bar (capacity 336 seats, dance floor, full bar, karaoke, dance competitions, game shows, cabaret/live musical performances, size 850 m2).