Pacific Adventure deck 7 plan (Promenade-Lounge-Casino-Shops3)

Deck layout and review

Review of Pacific Adventure deck 7 (Promenade-Lounge-Casino-Shops3)

Promenade (outdoor/open-air deck space for walking/strolling) with a fore-located Promenade Deck (observation area, lower level 1 of 2)

Marquee Theater (upper level 2 of 2)

Casino (casino cashier cage). The Casino lounge has slot machines and gambling tables and is served with drinks by its own bar with big-size TVs. The casino includes modern poker machines with large curved screens. Texas Hold'em tournaments and Pokies tournaments are held here.

The Atrium (upper level 3 of 3) houses the Ocean Bar and Tax and Duty-Free Shops (part of P&O Retail/shopping complex, upper level 3 of 3).

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Ocean Bar (Atrium bar with lounge area, dance floor, a stage for live performances; hosts art auctions)

Adventure Hotel is a daily piano bar that transforms into a traditional English pub bar in the evening. The bar features comfortable furniture, dance floor, stage for live performances and offers fine alcohol and craft beers. During the day, the bar serves English pub lunches (complimentary) and whiskey flights (brand malt whiskey alcohol sampling, at surcharge).

Blue Room is the Atrium Lounge & Bar featuring a large dance floor and live music entertainment, turned into a dance club with DJ at 11 pm. The lounge is served by its own piano bar. The late-night blues session named Blues@Blue feature several very talented musicians getting together for a 1-hour-long jam, rotating with excellent guitarists and different singers.

400 Gradi (Neapolitan pizzeria by chef Johnny Di Francesco) is complimentary and open for Lunch (between 12-1:30 pm) and Dinner (between 6-11 pm). With no free pizza onboard Pacific Adventure, P&O Cruises makes guests pay for it, charging US$10 to US$16 each. The capricciosa, suprema, lasagne (US$13) and desserts (from US$6) are worth the price. Many passengers prefer takeaway pizzas to eat elsewhere or get these delivered to the cabin via room service.

Black Circus Theatre is an aft-located entertainment venue (Lounge & Bar) with a large stage for live performances by guest comedians, singers, illusionists. The lounge is served by its own full-service Bar. Intended for cabaret performances, the venue aims to feature a supper club vibe but there are no full-size tables to eat supper, so it's basically a theatre with rows of seats along with ledges to place drinks. During the day, the lounge is used for kids' TC&Skipper's Island Adventure Show, The Edge's laser tag and early evening movies.