Scenic Ruby deck 4 plan (Sun)

Deck layout and review

Review of Scenic Ruby deck 4 (Sun)

Sun Deck is accessible only by stairs. This is the best vantage point to enjoy the unobstructed countryside panorama along the Scenic Ruby itinerary route.

Navigation Bridge on river cruise ships is called “Wheelhouse”. The Bridge is passenger accessible and telescopic (can be lowered for passing under low bridges).

Observation Deck (forward location) is furnished with wicker chairs and wooden tables (with some umbrella coverage).

Sun Deck is a vast outdoor seating area with tables, fabric chairs, sun loungers. There are also three retractable awnings (shaded seating zones for relaxation /lowered when the boat passes under low bridges). When the weather allows it, here are also served deck BBQ and Afternoon Tea.

The Scenic Tours Ruby boat also has on its top deck a Walking Track (to be used between 8 am and 10 pm) and a Giant Chess set (located in the aft section). There is also a bike station with 30 electric-assisted bicycles. They are complimentary and available for passengers to use them on guided shore excursions, town tours, or individual land tours.