ms Nieuw Statendam deck 3 plan (Promenade-Casino-Shops2-Dining2)

Deck layout and review

Review of ms Nieuw Statendam deck 3 (Promenade-Casino-Shops2-Dining2)

World Stage (theater / upper level 2 of 2)

Casino is a large gaming lounge (fitted with gambling tables, slot machines, a PokerPro digital touch screen table) served by Casino Bar. In 2023, the casino space was expanded/enlarged, reequipped (now with 140 of the gaming industry's newest slots and video poker machines) and a separate non-smoking area was added.

Art Gallery houses artworks exhibitions (all items are available for purchase) as well as art auctions.

Signature Shops (Shopping Arcade/upper level 2 of 2) are duty-free boutiques and shops selling liquor, tobaccos, brand perfumes and watches, also souvenirs, clothing, Holland America Line-logoed merchandise, convenience goods and sundries.

Atrium (upper level 3 of 3)

Lincoln Center Stage & B.B. King's Blues Club (fka Queen's Lounge"/upper level 2 of 2/balcony) is a 2-floor chamber music hall/nightclub that doubles as a grand ballroom for dancing. During the day, the venue serves HAL's onboard enrichment program and is used for presentations by guest speakers, seminars, special events. In the evenings here are hosted HAL’s popular “BB King’s Blues Club” shows (3 separate programs per night- at 8:45 pm, 9:45 pm and 10:45 pm, each 45 to 60 min in length, no cover charge). The musical experience is offered 6 nights per week and features an 8-man band (2 vocalists are backed by 1 drummer, 1 organist, 1 bassist, 1 guitarist, 1 saxophonist, 1 trumpeter) and two grand pianos. During the evening performances, guests are encouraged to use the large dance floor and sing along with popular music hits from the 60s. The Lounge is club-themed/designed, with a replica of the B.B. King club’s famous neon sign, many pictures of the celebrity, and a specialty cocktails menu with signature beverages served in the land clubs (including Motown Margarita, Rock Me Baby).

Grand Dutch Cafe is a Holland-themed a-la-carte-priced patisserie bar for traditional Dutch snacks/sweets and beverages (including coffees and Heineken draft beer) as well as premium European beers. Also in the Atrium (opposite the Grand Dutch Cafe) is the Guest Services Desk/Reception.

Photo Gallery & Shop offers photo and video services (provided by the ship's professional photographers) and also sells duty-free equipment and accessories.

The Dining Room (upper level 2 of 2) is the ship’s main/largest restaurant open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. The restaurant is complimentary, on 2 levels (connected with a grand staircase), with expansive floor-ceiling windows, sophisticated design and several new for HAL features. In the evening, the room’s color turns to a darker shade of amber. Structural ribs (themed after harp strings) connect both floors and create the sense of a curvilinear space. The room’s sculptural centerpiece is a wine tower (folded in gold) from which during meal times passengers may select a bottle of fine wine or champagne. The dining room’s chandeliers are made of 3-color glass bulbs (hand-blown). The menu includes signature dishes, traditional and regional (itinerary ports-based) cuisine specialties and also Culinary Council recipes (including from the HAL’s Master Chef).

The Dining Room operates with open seating for Breakfast and Lunch, while Dinners are served, with a 5-course menu and two seating options - “Any Time” dining (Deck 3) between 5:15-9 pm, or two fixed seatings (Deck 2) – at 5:45 or 8 pm.

The outdoor Promenade is an open-air deck space making a full circle around the ship.