Viking OCEAN's newest cruise ships to run on hydrogen

   April 19, 2022 ,   Cruise Industry

Viking OCEAN announced that the next couple of newbuilds being added to their fleet would run on hydrogen and carry more passengers than the others.

Chairman and Founder Torstein Hagen said the line’s unnamed ocean-going cruise ships (update Viking Vela and TBN) would be longer than the existing ones to carry the hydrogen fuel.

The hydrogen-powered liners will measure 11 metres longer than their fleetmates, bolster no more than 25 additional staterooms and limit the overall guest count to less than 1000.

The cruise ships will be powered by a hybrid propulsion system based on fuel cells and liquid hydrogen.

Internally dubbed Ship 11 & Ship 12, Hagen said the newbuilds will be larger but will have most of the same options, elements, and designs options found throughout the fleet.

Among the vessels' innovative marine technologies are the energy-saving hybrid engines, top-deck solar panels, and pollution-minimizing exhaust system. The ships also use seawater as a lubricant for their propeller shaft bearings. This technology lowers the vessels' maintenance costs and also the risk of pollution. Replacing the biodegradable oils, the water is being directly discharged into the ocean.

Viking Octantis cruise ship

The details of the hydrogen-powered ships were revealed during a sailing from the Caribbean to NYC New York on Viking Octantis, the fleet's first expedition vessel. The new ship is preparing for her upcoming Great Lakes season.

Viking's 8th, 9th, and 10th ships - Viking Mars/Viking Neptune/Viking Saturn - are scheduled for deliveries by the end of 2023.