Seabourn's newest ship Seabourn Pursuit sets sail on inaugural voyage

   August 15, 2023 ,   Cruise Industry

Seabourn Pursuit, the latest addition from one of the world's premier luxury cruise lines, Seabourn, has just made her debut. On Saturday, August 12th, the ship embarked on her maiden journey from Valletta, Malta. Designed with 132 suites, the vessel is tailored for expeditions, catering to both polar extremes and more temperate cruising destinations such as the Amazon River and the South Pacific.

This new ship closely mirrors the Seabourn Venture, which was launched in 2022. Both the Pursuit and the Venture share a similar architectural framework, accommodating only 264 passengers and a dedicated 24-person expedition team. This team is equipped to organize a range of adventures, from kayaking trips and scuba diving to on-land activities like invigorating hikes and immersive cultural experiences, all depending on the port of call.

Exhibiting a sleek, yacht-like appearance, both ships are equipped for rigorous adventures. They boast 8 sea kayaks and a fleet of Zodiacs for remote shore excursions. Additionally, each ship houses two 6-passenger submarines that can be utilized at the captain's discretion. These submarines offer opportunities for underwater wildlife observation and other forms of exploration. The suites come furnished with Swarovski binoculars, and in polar regions, guests are provided with Helly Hansen parkas and waterproof backpacks.

While the Pursuit offers a plethora of luxuries onboard, its primary objective is to transport visitors to locations that are otherwise inaccessible. In its initial months, the ship will embark on more conventional cruises within familiar regions, such as the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. The true expedition experiences will commence in October, as the Pursuit sets course from Barbados.

The ship's itinerary includes journeys along the Amazon, the coastlines of Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina, culminating in a voyage to Antarctica from November through March 2024. By the middle of the following year, the Pursuit will venture into the Pacific, exploring destinations like Australia's Kimberley region, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea.