VIDEO: Silversea Charting the Northeast Passage

   September 25, 2019 ,   Cruise Industry

For the first time in the history of the cruise line, Silversea passengers recently crossed the Northeast Passage.

From August 10 through September 5 they journeyed a total of 5,019 NM from Nome to Tromso, visiting 27 destinations in 3 countries. They sailed aboard Silver Explorer retracing the route taken by popular explorers. Among the numerous highlights of the trip were a couple of passages through the Arctic ice, accompanied by an icebreaker; a variety of sightings of polar bears with their cubs; rare wildlife encounters; a unique culinary experience on Ostrov Isachenko; as well as a polar plunge above 80°N latitude.

On the voyage, Silversea’s passengers were accompanied by 15 experts from the line’s industry-leading Expedition Team, of which 3 historians, a geologist, an ornithologist, a botanist, a marine biologist, and a professional photographer. 

In 2020, Silversea is due to operate 2 concurrent crossings of the Northwest and Northeast Passages, aboard its Silver Cloud and Silver Explorer. A 24-day cruise, the crossing of the Northwest Passage, departs from Kangerlussuaq for Nome August 21 journeying through Greenland, Canada, and Alaska. The line's Northeast Passage crossing departs Nome on August 22 and arrives in Tromso 25 days later, taking passengers deeper into the landscapes of Alaska, Norway, and Russia.