Oceanwide Expeditions Introduces All Year Round Arctic Program

   January 11, 2020 ,   Cruise Industry

Oceanwide Expeditions announced their 365-day (all year round) Arctic cruise program. All departure dates and cabin rates for Arctic 2021 season are already available for the company's chartered ships Hondius, Ortelius, Plancius, Rembrandt van Rijn and Noorderlicht.

Oceanwide's polar cruises focus on wildlife, nature, and ashore activities in the regions of Northeast Greenland and Svalbard Archipelago (Arctic Norway), including Spitsbergen Island.

Highlights include:

  • PLA01-21, 7-night In search of Bowhead Whales & Polar Bear cruise with focus on approaching wildlife in the sea ice silently.
  • HDS04-21, HDS05-21, HDS06-21, 9-night Extended North/South Spitsbergen cruises in search of Polar Bear & Ice with more time for wildlife observation and ice navigation.
  • OTL04-21, OTL05-21, 7-night North Spitsbergen ´Basecamp´ cruises offering free activities like kayaking, snowshoe/hiking, and photo workshops. Diving is only suitable for experienced divers.
  • RVR11-21, RVR12-21, 7-night North Norway ´Hike, Kayak & Sail´ cruises featuring experiential kayak skills progression camps aimed at small learning groups using brand new industry-leading kayak equipment.
  • RVR13-21, RVR14-21, RVR15-21 7-night North Norway ´Ski & Sail´ cruises have been expanded.

Due to the success of ‘Aurora Borealis’ 7-night cruises with Rembrandt van Rijn and Noorderlicht in North Norway, Oceanwide Expeditions continue to offer departures from November through April making them the only polar operator with 365 days all year round expedition program in the Arctic.

Later in the season, they will visit Ittoqqortoormiit (fka Scoresbysund) in Greenland - a popular destination suited for activity-minded travellers. With Rembrandt van Rijn they offer passenger exchange in Constable Pynt (Nerlerit Inaat) and flights to/from Keflavik.